Social Networking!!!

Its a funny oxymoron, I feel! Intent of Social Networking seems to be to connect people beyond the boundaries and provide a tool for communication no matter where they are, what the time difference is etc. Though the first part is true, second part hardly is. I myself have close to 600 friends in my list but how many people actually communicate with me? I am grateful to all those loads of Birthday wishes but is that all about it?

During the usual jibber-jabber, we hear "Oh ya!! He is in my friends list", "Really? How is he doing? Whats up in his life?". The so-called friend is silent as he doesn't seem to know beyond the Joke/video/Article shared by his "friend" or by his location "Check ins". How far is that personal? 

There was a time when all the birthday wishes used to be personal, worst case at least the vocal personal. These days we seem to be lazy even to pickup a phone and call the buddy. A line on FB seems to do all the talking! Or at least we seem to think so. Many people say they are very busy, but often seen on FB. Many people say they are on FB constantly but hardly any mode of communication with anyone. The most physically enduring task seems these says is to click on the "Like" button. In a few years, the comment field will surely become obsolete. A friend uploads his new born's pics, there are loads of Likes, hardly one or two comments congratulating. Writing a line is time consuming!!

There can be hosts of social networking tools, loads of gadgets to boast of 3G, LTE, Superb screen, laptop like browsing etc. But unless people really want to be social with people, these are useless. FB seems more like a relaxed version of LinkedIn where main intention of people seem to have all known people in your list, so that when 'time calls for', you can always ping them! 

You can drag a horse till water, but you cant make it drink. Like wise, you can produce hundreds of so-called Social Networking tools, but you can't really make them Social!!!