How Time changes and how we change with time. The thing which looks utterly important looks totally stupid a few years later. I always have admired people who have killer instinct to achive something in life, to achieve greater heights in short span of time, the go-getters. Now if I see some people like that, I feel what losers they are. They don't have anything else or anyone in life that they are so tragically after one goal in life, ignoring all the blissfully happy small small moments? Money, fame, success all important, true, but a blind folded run towards it seems so much waste of life!


  1. I think you are referring to a sub section of go-getter community. Or are you saying that all go-getters ignore everything else in their life for achieving their objective?

  2. Glad you are back. We do keep maturing with time i think.

  3. Hi
    There is difference between Lightning and a candle light. Lightning catches eyes with its amazing spectacular light with some music behind, short but demands very special steps w.r.t time,definitely noticed by everyone.Candle light is on demand, makes us to concetrate and enjoy things which we want,but un-noticed.Go-getters finds happiness in getting noticed by others,they wait for spectacular show like lightning, which is random w.r.t time by nature, like wise their show.what do you say?

  4. @Anon,
    Yes I am referring only to the sub-section of such people. Well, I have seen go-getters who are pretty balanced too...

    Thanks Dearie :-D, yes, I too think we pretty much mature with time. Initially when we are kids, we want all that our friends want, as we grow up, we start knowing what exactly we want.

    WOW! Nice comparision :-) Didn't know that you are in blogger space.

  5. sometimes it is the passion towards the goal that blind folds you, and in a way its totally beyond the control, and a hard one to strike balance

  6. “Blissfully happy small small moments”…….

    Happiness can mean different things / ways to different people……..

    Whatever it could mean , I certainly believe that the material world / chasing behind dreams to achieve one after the other can keep someone happy only till a certain stage…..that’s when self-actualization would come into picture......will get into too much of philosophy i guess :)

    There’s this quote (certainly not mine, heard somewhere) :
    “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success“

    "One Life to Love" is one awesome lifestyle talkshow in (my favourite channel) NDTVGoodTimes by "Simran Bhargava" who is a writer, editor, does research in personal well-being / spirtuality / lot of related areas....her presentation style is extremely professional....

    Most episodes of this program discuss this very same subject at stretch........

  7. World admires such people although one doubts if they are really happy.

  8. @AK
    Thanks a lot. I read all the blogs.Great work Akshatha.Hope lot more to take breath..Keep writing!

  9. What matters at end the end is that you are satisfied!! Nice blog!! Keep Writing Gurl!

  10. Your opinion has changed because you have moved from such a past to the present between which u were lucky to experience such small small happy moments.. the people whom u see now are still in their past... once they experience such sweet moments they will move to the present which u are enjoying now.... :) ... nice blog...

  11. First of all, Thank you all for your comments. Couldn't reply for so long, so sorry about that :-) Hope everyone is doing great.