Just on Wednesday I was wondering whether the rainy season is over!!! As if just to prove me wrong, it poured and poured HOW!!! Having forgotten my track suit, I thought I would quickly go and get it. Ignoring mom's umbrella suggestion, I started back to office.Voila!!! All of a sudden as if somebody threw a bucket of water, it rained. In no time I was drenched and dripping :( Somehow made it to the office gym and changed quickly. After an hour of work out my mind refused to change back into the cold and wet dress. I decided to go back home in the track suit it self. But it was still raining :'( Waited for sometime and then thought of taking a quick walk to home. Took the back side door which is closer. The moment I came out I realised I am standing in front of a river. No way anyone can distinguish where the road starts and where it ends. Most importantly where the gutter is. The river was brown and black at times carrying all the wastage.

Now my mind was in splits. Whether to risk and try navigating myself through it or to go back. Sudden memories of pathetically dug up road made me to take a reverse turn and go back Thought I would take an auto from the front gate. Rain was getting stronger. Just as icing on the cake, my sandals were getting slipped out of legs every now and then. At one frustrating moment I removed my sandals, folded my pants and started walking. When I reached the front gate, there were only 2 autos. Nothing can go better than this :) As expected both refused to come for a short distance trip.

There is a kannada proverb, "Once you are drenched, whats rain and whats cold" Cursed them and started towards my home. Nobody seemed to care for anyone around. There was one guy who was carrying two umbrellas but didn't even bothered to help!!! When all the vehicles were rushing past splashing water and just when I was about to conclude that this is how we HUMANS have become, one gentleman in bike stops and asks "Mam, do you want a drop?". Normally I don't take favours and never from a stranger. But thought of giving it a shot, just to see whether what I was thinking so far is correct or still we have left with some humanity + decency. I asked him to drop just near a major landmark, not very far though. After he dropped, I was pleasantly surprised and thankful. He was William working for Target. Still there are helpful people :)

Walked to home. Though being drenched and wet is not sucha comfortable experience, especially in a cold night, I was thrilled and happy at the same time. I felt good that I am not dependant on anybody in any condition. Neither on people nor on curse worthy autos. Just like Calvin says, "they can chain me, not my spirits" I felt like yelling, "rain can dampen me but not my spirits" :P That happiness led to some sinful indulgence. I desperately wanted to eat something spicy and ate one packful of chips. Consoled myself that, it will just compensate 6km walk, the effect of one hour work out would still remain right? :P :P

But then there was only one worry and just like the sweet kid, I prayed God - " No fever on the weekend pleasseee OK?certainly not on a LONG weekend" :P