Recently during our lunch, my friend was telling about her friend who is about to get married and how the girl who is marrying him is indecisive about the marriage. The guy provided an explanation "she is like a kid" for her indecisiveness. My sudden and involuntary reaction was " c'mmon yaar, don't humiliate kids!!!" Though the reaction was very much unthought, it became more real when I pondered on the thought for a while!!!

More often, we sum up a person's behaviour as kiddish or childish when we find the person immature, indecisive, stubborn etc. But given a slight observation to kids would change the entire notion about kids. Till kids learn to ape the behaviour of their elders, they are very much decisive about what they want. They never think whats profitable, they just listen to their little hearts and go by that. May be sometimes thats been named as stubbornness of kids, as they want what they want. Most people are indecisive because they want best of both the worlds. The profit of one side pulls back when you are about to go towards the other side, profit is not always monetary mind you!!!

Now that I have started thinking about this aspect of kids, there are so many things which keep coming to my mind. When a kid starts doing some work, its very tough to distract him, he will stop only when its done and only when he is completely satisfied. The amount of concentration is commendable. They put their heart and soul into whatever they are doing. Another best aspect of kids is forgiveness. They never carry the baggage of hurt, resentment and hatred. They might fight ferociously in a moment and the very next moment they will be playing again as if nothing happened. They love everyone, having no bar for caste, class or the colour. How innocent!!! How sweet!!!

I shudder to think of world without kids. It would look like a barren field having no rains since ages. The unconditional love, the innocence, the care, the forgiveness will vanish from this earth. More dangerous is the fact that we are making them grow unnaturally faster. I wish kids were allowed to nurture the innocence, tenderness at least for few more years before they are cruelly pushed into the worldly rat race. I wish kids were more often used in comparison scales for all the positivity they have. I wish everybody were to keep that kid in themselves alive, so that we could have a planet with love, care, innocence devoid of materialism, greed and hatred. Its so refreshing to see a smiling kid, seems like all the stress is melting like ice in front of sun!!!

Object Of My Affection

I am back :D ... and feeling so good to be back. Past few months were very gruelling but very gratifying. Any new change brings in lots of enthusiasm and spice to life. Thanks Sumana for tagging me. I was super excited with this idea and I was longing to write about it all those moments which gave my mind some time to relax. I hope you don't mind if I change it a bit. Instead of Object of my Affection, I want to make it as Objects. Here is the list of my Jee ka tuk tuks :P

1. Pepper Spray :
Ok, Don't laugh. This is one of the gifts my hubby, (then a friend) gave me on my birthday. Those were the days when we were slogging like hell having no clue what time we leave office every night/day. The route which I needed to traverse was secluded and lifeless. When many of my friends rubbished this saying "when guys themselves are not so ambitious, when they can leave office early why can't you?" or "In my office girls leave sharp by 6, why can't you?", my hubby brought this as one of the gifts on my birthday. I loved it the moment I saw it and I was atmost touched. This has been with me since then and has seen all the time of day and night with me. This would top my list anyday....

2. My first gift after marriage:
My marriage was after my dad's death and in noway I wanted anybody's favour. I had set budget for all the expenses. When we had gone for jewellary shopping, I saw this piece of jewellary and we fell in love with it instantly. But after buying so many essentials I didn't wanted to use my buffer money and said "leave it". Thats the time when my husband had lost his purse. Having no money in hand, no cards he tried to make me buy that, but in vein. After my marriage, the same night, we both had been to drop all our friends to a nearby place for their respective buses/trains. On the way back, I felt blessed to be in silence from morning's rituals, noise etc. The first thought that came to my mind was about this chain. I never had much fascination for yellow metal. Most of the times, I love to be without much ad-ons. I am the happiest when I am simple, but this was different. Whether it is still there? If not, I should tell the jewellary guy to make exactly similar one etc. Reached my in-laws' place and the moment I came to my room, my hubby gave this to me. My heart skipped a bit. I just fell in love with him, again :P He went and bought it the next day it seems but kept it as secret till we got married :D

3. Books:
I just love books. I can read anything to everything. From fictional to realistic, from biographies to novels, from motivational to cartoons. Diving into the books is as good a vacation as running in the hot sand in the blue lined beach. I see to it atleast I read a minimum of five pages a day, whatever the time I reach home. They are the best friends any body can have :)

Since this is my first tag, I tag all those who read this. I am curious to know what objects of affection you have :)