Hanuman Returns

After a long time I saw one cute and innocent movie. Hanuman Returns. Its a complete joy ride. Hanuman who is pissed off seeing the same faces (read as GODs :-P) wants to go to earth. He persuades Brahma to agree to it and to send him to earth. Brahma agrees and tells Hanuman to take human birth. From here begins Hanuman's journey.

The most exciting part of the movie would be the way Gods are treated. Unlike the usual way where Gods talk in "Shuddha" Hindi, here Gods are contemporary. They talk "taporish" hindi, even mixed with English!!! In order to scare Hanuman of human beings, Brahma asks Chitra Gupta to show him the crime rates in earth. But whats Chitra Gupta doing? He is surfing through Menaka.com in his posh laptop!!!! Wowiieee. Also, Brahma shows some bandaged Gods who were posted in earth!!! Finally when Brahma agrees to Hanuman's pursuation to give him human birth, he says " Tumhare poonch ka mein kuch nahin kar saktha. Yeh detachable nahin hain" :-P [I can't do anything with our tail, thats not detachable!!!]. Hilarious!!! If Chitra Gupta carries a laptop and draws graph showing crime rates, there is this eagle which uses X ray goggles, hands-free headset to communicate with fellow people. Quite advanced huhhh!!!

Fun is not only limited to this. There is Gabbar Singh coming in between & there is a matrix act my Hanuman. There are nice peppy foot tapping songs with beautiful imagination. Full of life and enthusiasm. In short a movie, not only for kids but for all generations.

Hanuman once takes his Hanuman form, can not get back his human form again. That was the contract Hanuman would have signed before leaving swarg. When Narada reminds him about this, Hanuman says, "Brahmaji acche hain, main unko manipulate karke dharthi pe phir aa jaoonga!!!" (Brahmaji is good, I will manipulate him and come back to earth!!!

Excellent movie!!! Hope such movies keep coming in!!!


  1. hoho jus nw u saw tis movie ??! u r very late buddy..dont tell othrs tat u r my Sis.Shame on u :-).
    I like tis movie very much as it has all d funda (No logic only magic). Hope u njyd Munni, Minkoo, Daddu too n d movie ..!Hanuman not only helps rama , he helps indian cartoon industry too. tat is the great thing. I felt like :-) :-)
    Do watch 'Bee Movie', 'Alvin & the Chipmunks'.. u luv ittttt...espcly d songs n Bee movie .....
    ......nd Happy Valentines Day dear...stll ur Bro is Single,but Happy :-) :-)

  2. heard a lot abt this movie frm my li'l cousins. hoping to c it soon. btw, that was a nice writeup, buddy

  3. @Rambler,
    It is... :)

    Yes Bro!!! I am watching it very late . But better late than never. Isn't it? Yes, planning to watch Bee movie shotly :) Don't worry about the gal, one day she will drop (not literally :P) from heaven just for you :P

    Thanks a lot Satish, for the comment and for visiting my blog :)

  4. you are tagged.

  5. sounds like fun.. we enjoyed the first hanuman... should watch this... is it available in English too.. my son cant follow Hindi :(

  6. @Sumana,
    Thanks a lot sumana. So sweet of you. You are the first one to tag me. I will comeup with it shortly :)

    No idea Preethi, may be we can search a bit, it should be available. Nantu might enjoy to the fullest :)

  7. When will YOU return to add a new post?

  8. hey must show this movie to the kids...it sounds fun...

    btw have you chnaged teh template here?

  9. @Prady,
    I will return very soon with rains of posts. :o)

    @Prabhu Bhakt,
    Thank you very much. I promise I will be back very soon.

    Really, I am sure kids would love that too :o) About template change, naa, out of blogger since a long time.

  10. Why aren't you writing anything? Is Samsung eating up all your blog-time?

  11. Ha ha ha, in a way yes :) Now I am back... Now I will see to it Samsung eats less time of mine :)

  12. hey akshatha, Long time no updates. How are you doing?

  13. Hi Sumana,

    See I have updates :) A post and your tag. Belive me, I loved doing that tag :D Thanks a million