Hanuman Returns

After a long time I saw one cute and innocent movie. Hanuman Returns. Its a complete joy ride. Hanuman who is pissed off seeing the same faces (read as GODs :-P) wants to go to earth. He persuades Brahma to agree to it and to send him to earth. Brahma agrees and tells Hanuman to take human birth. From here begins Hanuman's journey.

The most exciting part of the movie would be the way Gods are treated. Unlike the usual way where Gods talk in "Shuddha" Hindi, here Gods are contemporary. They talk "taporish" hindi, even mixed with English!!! In order to scare Hanuman of human beings, Brahma asks Chitra Gupta to show him the crime rates in earth. But whats Chitra Gupta doing? He is surfing through Menaka.com in his posh laptop!!!! Wowiieee. Also, Brahma shows some bandaged Gods who were posted in earth!!! Finally when Brahma agrees to Hanuman's pursuation to give him human birth, he says " Tumhare poonch ka mein kuch nahin kar saktha. Yeh detachable nahin hain" :-P [I can't do anything with our tail, thats not detachable!!!]. Hilarious!!! If Chitra Gupta carries a laptop and draws graph showing crime rates, there is this eagle which uses X ray goggles, hands-free headset to communicate with fellow people. Quite advanced huhhh!!!

Fun is not only limited to this. There is Gabbar Singh coming in between & there is a matrix act my Hanuman. There are nice peppy foot tapping songs with beautiful imagination. Full of life and enthusiasm. In short a movie, not only for kids but for all generations.

Hanuman once takes his Hanuman form, can not get back his human form again. That was the contract Hanuman would have signed before leaving swarg. When Narada reminds him about this, Hanuman says, "Brahmaji acche hain, main unko manipulate karke dharthi pe phir aa jaoonga!!!" (Brahmaji is good, I will manipulate him and come back to earth!!!

Excellent movie!!! Hope such movies keep coming in!!!

Why ME #$@^&$!!!

Everyone in one situation or the other would have certainly thought, "Why Me??? Why is that everyone is so happy and its only me who gets into all the troubles, pains? I am the most neglected child of God... There is nothing called luck in my life"... Even I used to think so...

It came as a shock when my dad died. Through he had suffered a mild heart attack ten years ago, he maintained himself so well that nobody could have figured out his illness. I was quite young then. All of a sudden, I felt as if I have been left out in a lonely dark world. In a place where I will have do everything myself, with extra caution. With nobody to guide. Future seemed gloomy. A tunnel without an end. Though had a good job to support I felt very very insecure. I didn't wanted to cry, as I thought it would break my mother. Then I asked to God one day, "Why me???" I could see many girls happy being in their father's shelter, having to worry about nothing. "Why me then???" Girls who are taken very good care of, with no responsibilities. Then "Why me? Why I was targeted to undergo such misery? Why is that I have do every damn thing?". I felt terrible, left out and lonely. Joined Yoga. Funny, the girl who never used to get up early even for the studies started getting up as early as 5 AM in the morning. Started working like maniac, for 16-18 hours on an average and sometimes even straight 48 hours. Just with one desire to crash on the bed. Strange, sleep was eluding. Most of the times I cried to sleep. Again thinking, "Why me??"

Nature has strange laws. If those were the plight of night, I was a clown during the day time. I laughed, laughed and laughed. Narrating Yoga mates' terrible postures, funny incidents or seeing fun in any damn thing. We laughed till our stomaches ached. During my times with my self, I still continued to think I am the only one under pain. Till one day... Suddenly I wanted to look deeper into everybody around me. To see how protected, well sheltered, how happy people are. But more I saw, I realized, its not only me. A friend struggling to convince her orthodox parents about her love, a friend who is not happy with his job, a friend who has back breaking responsibilities, a friend nursing broken heart, a women recovering from husband's death, a woman facing in-laws wrath, a man suffering because of his just-born's illness, a man undergoing a divorce....

This reminded me of "Law of Equilibrium". Everybody has their own pains, sarrows, challenges at one point or the other. There can never be a single person on earth who might not have any pain during his lifetime. This suddenly changed the way of thinking. From "Why me" to "How lucky I am".... Indeed I was lucky, always. My father died an easy death which anybody would love to have. No suffering even for 5 minutes. Most importantly, he died when he was happy. Happy of himself, for being able to fulfil his dreams, to marry of one daughter and to see other independant, doing very well. He was quite a fighter. Even in the end-of-the-world sort of affairs he kept his calm and faced things head on. When I saw myself next time in mirror, I didn't see a person low with burden but a person with confidence to face everything came by. There I could see self-worth.

It indeed brought in many changes in me. It showed me who are really with you and who are not. It made me strong to keep the wanted and leave the unwanted. Even a certain name sake relations. It made me wise, it made me mature. It made me a human being out of career and success obsessed robot. It made me realise, the first and last love in this world is, "Self Love". One who is happy can keep the world happy. One who is not, sees unhappiness and short comings in everything. It made me realise, life must go one. It stops for none, literally. I love all those who were there with me that time, they are the pillars of my life. I thank all those (without a hint of sarcasm) whom I thought would be present, but weren't. If you were to be there, may be I wouldn't have become so strong.

If I look back, all those incidents which made me mutter "why me?", are the ones which shaped me. I would have been never this way if I were to be taken complete care of, sheltered without any responsibilities. There were several testing times later, but I knew I am shaping up even better. It somehow didn't seem to be so painful as it used to be earlier. Decisions were easy. Its a great feeling to be in control of your own life. Life looks all that beautiful. Thank God!!! For all those circumstances, without them I wouldn't have become "Me". Today if I am happy, peaceful, kind & focused, thats only because of those testing times.

Next time if you have to undergo difficult times, belive me you are shaping up. Belive me you would come out as a person of worth, strong in everyway. You are a beautiful sculpture in the making.