Where to draw a line???!!!

From past few months, I have been an active blog reader. Blogs ranging from personal to philosophical, technical to humorous. There is an old saying which says, book is a mirror to the author's mind. So true!!! Some blogs touched my heart, some made me laugh my heart out. Some made me wonder how people can go so much low to get traffic into their blog. Some left me disgusted for its content. That left me thinking, "Where to draw a line?" Here is what I feel.

1. If you want to forget some bad thing of life, never ever write it down anywhere. Not in your diary, not in your blog, nowhere. When you write something, your mind registers it for long. It makes your healing slow. At the same time, you will be making your private life public, to both good and bad part of people. You should be ready for both support and brick-bats. There will be a part of public who takes specific interest in analysing other's life and giving their precious valuable(?) comments. That either can give you solace or put you into mental misery. If you are making your private life public, be ready for both. Or the best choice is to try erasing all the traces of it, from your life, from your memory, from your blog space.

2. Never ever take names. Be it of people or the companies. Everyone goes through the angry phase and when we are in that phase we tend to think,speak & write more about it. When the heat dies down, you may later think you reacted a bit more than required. But the damage is already done. World is a small place. You might end up being in the same company again or you might end up interacting with the same people. At the same time, life is so small to keep grudge about someone. Even a hint of such grudge can pull you away from happiness. Is that required? Ignore which is unpleasant to you and move on towards happiness!!!

Its not bad to vent your feelings out. But that also depends on whom you are confiding. In a place like blog space everything is accessible to everyone. There may be a few real good people who would honestly lend their shoulder for you. But there are also people who either raise their self esteem by supporting you and there are also people who though at current time support you, later might use the same instance to judge or hurt you. There are also chances that overwhelming sympathy may lead to self-pity. Why give chance. God gives everyone enough strength to fight for their well being, to come out of any terrible conditions, just like Gold out of fire. Every tool can turn out to your benefit if used thoughtfully. Next time when you want to vent out, take a deep breath, ask yourself "Would you like to read the same stuff few years down the lane?"

Happy Blogging :o) & Happy well being to everyone :o)


  1. You have some good points over here, one of the main reasons why I chose anonymity when I blog is that it provided us freedom, I mean I can write anything which I want to say, without any fear. But yes it does not mean I can write anything, specially when others are involved, we may have to take care their privacy is involved. Personally I feel blogs can be used as a very good discussion medium..with right people :)

  2. A Well Structured Thought! Makes Disturbed minds to think! [:)] It was nice to see you once again! I mean the Thinking Writer in You! [:)]

  3. I've been reading your blog for quite some time. You are writing humour as well as seriousness with the same dexterity. Gr8 going :)

  4. @Rambler,
    Hmmm, but you know why I didn't take up anonymity? If I were to be anonymous, my mind at some point would lure me to vent out, to over-react etc. But if I am my own identity, I will think twice before writing anything. You write quite sensibly, so it doesn't make difference to you ;o)

    Thanks man, I used to think I bore people with serious stuff :-P Now I can write more such, he he

    Thanks a lot :o) Keep reading :o)

  5. Very nice to read your blog. Great !! I agree with your thoughts about the dos and Donts about private and the thing which we dont want to remmber ever in life time. Great analysis.

  6. @Nanda,
    Thanks a lot Nanda, for visiting my blog. :o)

  7. nice one.
    Even I am reader of many blogs, but not wrote a single.So I may not stand at best to share my opinions about writing about private stuff :). Here is my opinion --
    Blogs are meant for transperancy. otherwise they loose visitors, hence discussion board.
    About sharing private stuff, not sure how much does it costs.It depends upon the context.
    But don't u think atleast apart from business stuff, anything comeing n reaching hearts should not damage anything. Its only brain being the culprit ????

  8. Context is the main criteria. Writing private is not wrong as long as writer knows where to draw a line. As I said, what ar you confiding depends on with whom you are confiding. In a blogspace there are equal number of good and bads. Not everyone takes things in the same fashion.

    For discussions... we are in a beautiful intriguing world. There are so many countless number of things to discuss. Isn't it?

  9. Yep agree with you!, bad moments shd be forgotten, but I do believe these difficult moments in life are absolutely necessary, bcoz they make you tough as a person & make u learn better & handle similar situations better than you did earlier.

    keep blogging.