Deleted Movie Scenes

I was watching some videos and "Related Videos" tab showed me couple of deleted scenes of various movies. Believe me, deleted scenes are lot more fun. Let me start with a few which I watched,

This movie however was made would have attracted lots of opposition. Somehow, though reality, still we can't take movies on infidelity . But I felt the movie was good. (I know this line itself would attract lots of opposition now ;o)) Many people asked me "What was the reason for Rani to leave Abhishek?" According to many people, Rani had no reason to leave him. True, but if proper reasoning were to be applied, don't you think more than 50% of the breakups/divorces would never occur. Anyways, following video tries to touch reason. Rani being cleanliness freak in the movie hardly enjoys life. Abhishek teases her saying "your idea of holidaying is vacuuimng, cleaning, scrubbing...". Now look at the video,

2. Rang De Basanti
Why did they cut these scenes??? Every scene is so very beautifully shot. It would have added more meaning to the movie. Loved the scene where Atul Kulkarni though mouthing "this land is yours as much as mine", hesitates to touch Kunal who is a muslim in the movie. But with every repetation, he tends to overcome his inhibition. A nice subtle scene indeed.

After a long time I got an urge to strangle someone's neck. This video would have been a great watch only if film maker were not to speak non-stop from the background as why he cut the scene, what it means to him blah blah blah. Idiotic. Strange since this is the film maker who gave sucha nice film like DDLJ!!!!

Would have loved to see the deleted scenes of so many movies. But no luck this time. Hope to see much more such videos, thanks to the DVD releases of movies these days...


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  1. I liked the rightup you have given for KANK, sometimes the reasons are not very obvious for things we do, only if we could reason all things we want...I once was badly hated upon for saying that I liked the character of SRK in the movie, I found it very real...