Deleted Movie Scenes

I was watching some videos and "Related Videos" tab showed me couple of deleted scenes of various movies. Believe me, deleted scenes are lot more fun. Let me start with a few which I watched,

This movie however was made would have attracted lots of opposition. Somehow, though reality, still we can't take movies on infidelity . But I felt the movie was good. (I know this line itself would attract lots of opposition now ;o)) Many people asked me "What was the reason for Rani to leave Abhishek?" According to many people, Rani had no reason to leave him. True, but if proper reasoning were to be applied, don't you think more than 50% of the breakups/divorces would never occur. Anyways, following video tries to touch reason. Rani being cleanliness freak in the movie hardly enjoys life. Abhishek teases her saying "your idea of holidaying is vacuuimng, cleaning, scrubbing...". Now look at the video,

2. Rang De Basanti
Why did they cut these scenes??? Every scene is so very beautifully shot. It would have added more meaning to the movie. Loved the scene where Atul Kulkarni though mouthing "this land is yours as much as mine", hesitates to touch Kunal who is a muslim in the movie. But with every repetation, he tends to overcome his inhibition. A nice subtle scene indeed.

After a long time I got an urge to strangle someone's neck. This video would have been a great watch only if film maker were not to speak non-stop from the background as why he cut the scene, what it means to him blah blah blah. Idiotic. Strange since this is the film maker who gave sucha nice film like DDLJ!!!!

Would have loved to see the deleted scenes of so many movies. But no luck this time. Hope to see much more such videos, thanks to the DVD releases of movies these days...


Age Vs Maturity

Maturity is always associated with age. "He is so old, he has seen life. Listen to him". Those who question this theory are rubbished as "bajaari" or "bajara" (Don't know the male version of it, so ;o)). Thats exactly why when a youngster though talks sense, he is silenced, "Keep quiet, you are so young to talk about it". Though I don't have much objection to this theory, there are times when I actually wonder whether that really holds good. Below are a few instances which I have come across.

This instance is when I decided to buy a four wheeler. After giving much thought about the total expenditure, the usage, etc I zero'ed on Santro. My uncle, on his visit to my home got to know about it from mom.
Uncle : Why don't you buy a big car?
Me : I don't know how much I am going to put it into use. Also I don't want much of financial commitment now.
Uncle : No no, you should buy a big car. Your 'that' uncle has a Wagon R and you should buy something bigger to it. Next year I will buy a Ford, I would love to see him jealous.

As if I am buying a car not for my own comfort but to belittle the other person. No doubt, we can stretch and some how go for bigger things in life. But is it required, unless my inner voice tells me. That too just show someone that I am better to you!!! Not that they hate each other or something, its just the baseless competition.

This particular incident happened once between two elderly people and once with two youngsters.
Elder 1 : You know my son is going to foreign.
Elder 2 : (Bit offended) My son will also go to foreign within six months. He will go for a very long duration. [The son standing there clueless...]

Youngster 1 : Hey, I am going on site man.
Youngster 2 : Reallyyy!!!WOW man, congrats!!! Where are you going? Good for our career man. Don't hesitate if you need any help OK?

Now... its the same situation, same matter. But the reactions are pole-apart. Youngsters these days realise that their chance too will come. Every one will get what he deserves. They are mature enough to realise, all that matters in their life is only what is happening in their 'own' life. There is no point in feeling bad at what we don't have and what someone else has. All that matters is "what we have and how best we can make it work for us".

This lady is around 55 in age, with normal behavior. All of a sudden hell broke at her house. She started making issues out of even small small incidents. Started judging her kids' action in a completely negative light. If they do something, she would crib and cry the whole day for doing it. If they don't, she would create an issue for not doing. Kids completely puzzled. After a few days, lady comes back to normal. When one of the kids asks her what had happened, she tells she was so upset that she is getting older. Wrinkles have appeared, hair is graying off. What will others think? How will they treat if she doesn't look good, if she looks old etc.

Its these elders who have seen life, who at sucha respectable age give so much unnecessary importance to the outer appearance. The people who gracefully accept this change look even more beautiful. Every wrinkle gives a sense of warmth. The twinkle in their eye gives enough confidence to challenge life. Every age comes with a new-ness which itself is a spice of life. C'mmon, can you imagine a guy who is at his 20 all through his life and be not bored!!!! It will be like eating the same sweet day and night, all the three times, year after year.

Maturity never comes with age. Its comes with the experiences the person has gone through. The challenges, the victories, the hurdles, the pains, the achievements, the smiles, the roles, the adversities, the world, the people, the LIFE.... every small lesson learnt adds up to experience. Looking at every experience in a different angle each time makes the experiences worth while. Such experiences bring in maturity.


Where to draw a line???!!!

From past few months, I have been an active blog reader. Blogs ranging from personal to philosophical, technical to humorous. There is an old saying which says, book is a mirror to the author's mind. So true!!! Some blogs touched my heart, some made me laugh my heart out. Some made me wonder how people can go so much low to get traffic into their blog. Some left me disgusted for its content. That left me thinking, "Where to draw a line?" Here is what I feel.

1. If you want to forget some bad thing of life, never ever write it down anywhere. Not in your diary, not in your blog, nowhere. When you write something, your mind registers it for long. It makes your healing slow. At the same time, you will be making your private life public, to both good and bad part of people. You should be ready for both support and brick-bats. There will be a part of public who takes specific interest in analysing other's life and giving their precious valuable(?) comments. That either can give you solace or put you into mental misery. If you are making your private life public, be ready for both. Or the best choice is to try erasing all the traces of it, from your life, from your memory, from your blog space.

2. Never ever take names. Be it of people or the companies. Everyone goes through the angry phase and when we are in that phase we tend to think,speak & write more about it. When the heat dies down, you may later think you reacted a bit more than required. But the damage is already done. World is a small place. You might end up being in the same company again or you might end up interacting with the same people. At the same time, life is so small to keep grudge about someone. Even a hint of such grudge can pull you away from happiness. Is that required? Ignore which is unpleasant to you and move on towards happiness!!!

Its not bad to vent your feelings out. But that also depends on whom you are confiding. In a place like blog space everything is accessible to everyone. There may be a few real good people who would honestly lend their shoulder for you. But there are also people who either raise their self esteem by supporting you and there are also people who though at current time support you, later might use the same instance to judge or hurt you. There are also chances that overwhelming sympathy may lead to self-pity. Why give chance. God gives everyone enough strength to fight for their well being, to come out of any terrible conditions, just like Gold out of fire. Every tool can turn out to your benefit if used thoughtfully. Next time when you want to vent out, take a deep breath, ask yourself "Would you like to read the same stuff few years down the lane?"

Happy Blogging :o) & Happy well being to everyone :o)