Taare Zamin Par

Taare Zamin Par - its a beautiful tender dream anybody would love to pick from dream and give a hug. The movie can be best described as "NATURAL", no overly done emotions, no high drama. Everything and everyone seems so much a part of this visual & intellectual extravaganza.

Ishaan, a dyslexic child who is the Indian version of our Calvin. Always in the world of weird imagination. Alphabets dance if he tries to read them!!! This bunny teethed pretty boy dives into your mind with all the innocence and pranks. Who doesn't remember his own childhood after seeing Ishaan. The movie out-an-out belongs to Ishaan, played by Darsheel Safary. What can be a maximum surprise is when you see credits rolling during the beginning of the movie, its Darsheel Safary, Aamir Khan & rest.... You really feel good at Aamir's maturity. When all other heroes are fighting for their name to be displayed first, this comes as a mature gesture.

Aamir deserves a STANDING OVATION for this movie. For the belief he had in this kind of story and for not going over board on emotions just to lure the audiance to theatres. Its a right mix of laughter, joy, sorrow, pain, disgust, helplessness... Just like a perfectly made coffee. To get such wonderful performances from the cast, especially from a small boy is no easy job. Everyone breathes life into the role. Be it Rohan Awasti (Ishaan's brother), be it his mother or Raju, who plays his boarding schoolmate. Choice of characters are so neatly done that no one would help but feel irritated towards Ishaan's father's indifference and sad towards his mother's love and helplessness. Darsheel is the best choice and find. Loads of love to this little magician. Aamir excels in acting department too. He becomes even more dearer for his selfless genuine effort to convince Ishaan's parents about Ishaan's dyslexia. The movie is made with so much conviction, so much passion.

Songs when heard after the music launch seemed childish & average. But with the movie going on, songs just pump emotions slowly into the viewer, who silently watches the proceedings with a lump in the throat. "Tumhe sab hain pata, haina maa" would be my pick. The silent shiver of the boy to the start of engine which would take his mom away is nicely combined with this song. How much you feel to hug Ishaan and comfort the little thing :o| "Kholo Kholo" would make your spirits fly high.

Animations is another department which is taken with extreme care. It looks absolutely from a boy's imagination. Just beautiful. The entire crew of TZP must be applauded for the terrific job done. Every little detail is attended with passion.

This is one movie which would be a hit, more by word of mouth publicity. Its the best movie of the year 2007. What a way to end the year, WOW!!! It would have been a big loss if I were to miss this movie. Aamir every time sets the expectations high and he manages to exceed too!!! After Lagaan and TZP, what can be his next movie??? Thought itself gives goose bumps.


  1. hey akshata, I've been dying to see this movie...wondering if my 5 yrold shd see it :(

  2. I want to watch this movie in theatre. You know the animation is done by our company. We have sponsored screening of the movie on this saturday and sunday evening. Hope I will be free and watch it.

  3. hey many people have told me about this movie, should catch up if possible in the weekend.

  4. u r xactly rite dear. Its a worth 2watch in theater (And ofcourse my first movie in U.S on new year day :-) ). applause 2 Aamir for his direction. Especially I luv the animation part very much.

  5. Hey Akshata, happy new year :)

  6. @Thinking Aloud,
    He may like it, but its tough to say anything about this gen kids. Its a good try to make him see :o)

    WOW!!!! Thats very good :o) I loved the animation. Its so perfect. Make yourself free and watch it :o)

    Do tell me how you felt about this movie :o)

    Exactly. True, animation is real great in this movie. So got settled there?

    Thank you and same to you :o)

  7. a way 2 go da, but my frnds r helping me out and still hvng indian cuisines only :-).Garam masala, filter coffee, Veg pulav makes me still feel like n india.

    For some dreams, one life is not enuf.
    For some Music, seven Raaga's are not enuf.
    For some relationship(Like me & u as Bro & Sis :-) ), time is not enuf.
    For some wishes, words are not enuf.
    And here i am, Wishing U a Very Happy Bday Sis...

  8. Totally agree with your opinion.
    It was a terrific movie :-D

  9. Happy Birthday dear. I watched the movie on Saturday. It is a classic. Eventhough every bit is perfect in the movie, i want to rank things as: Terrific Script (Credit to Gupte),Darseel Safary's acting, Animation,Aamir Khan (the actor and director),other performances, music which is so much in sync with the script.
    At the end of the movie, i felt like giving Darsheel a tight hug.

  10. Hey, that was a nice review for the Very well directed movie...simple storyline, but so touching. A must see for teachers around, who think that its just a job for them to teach.

    My kids loved it, even though I was apprehensive that my older one would think its too soppy for him.

  11. Aks, Good Review...
    Never bothered initially what "taare zameen par" meant..

    But after few days, just gave a thought and found it to be simply great! Your review makes me much more eager to book the ticket straight away... [:)]. Definitely this is not the one to be missed...

    BTW HAPPY New Year! [:)]

  12. @Prabhu,
    Its one great opportunity for you to learn the art of cooking, what say? Thanks for the wishes Bro.

    Isn't it? :o)

    Thanks for the wishes. This time it was a special birthday ;o)

    I am glad you liked it. Good rating. But you know Amol, Aamir, Prasoon are all seasoned performers, whats real a mammoth task was Dasheel's, new to acting but carried the whole movie on his delicate shoulders. Thats why that extra praise for him. How about Camera and lighting? It was so natural... When he looks out of classroom window, when he gets up in the morning at home, those early mornings of boarding school... I always used to think Aamir is an overrated actor, though I was a big fan of him. But now, even I agree he is a damn perfectionist.

    Thanks :o)But look at it, in one way or the other, everyone relates to it. Parents, teachers, kids... even grown ups look back at their childhood with nostalgia!!! I think that was the USP of the movie!!!

    Coming after a long time!!! Wish you too a very happy New Year. Don't miss this movie & watch it in theatre only :o) I am sure you will not regret it :o)

  13. Hats off to Aamir's selflessness. In the credits his name comes second after Darsheel's name. His entry is after the interval.

    How many top line heros will agree to do a role which will last for about 30 to 45 mins??

    He is kind of a social outlaw when it comes to movies. His each movie is so different.

  14. @Madhav,
    Exactly. At the same time, there was one more multi starrer release where heroes were fighting for their name to be displayed first it seems. Finally they settled for "Seniority Based" credits :o)

  15. If you dint know already ...SRK has a screen appearence of 2:30 mins in a 2:45 mins movie ... 31 Starer movie !!!!

  16. Gotcha!!! Whenever some Aamir movie comes, Shahrukh ki to band baja dethe hain sab :-P & he behaves like that too!!!