One night @ Kitchen

Well, this has nothing to do with Chethan Bhagat's One Night @ Call Centre, but certainly, it was an inspiration for me to write my experience in Kitchen, one night!!!

All through out my student days, I never even peeped into the kitchen. I used to study as if I would be extinct, if I weren't. During holidays, my mom used to pamper me, saying "anyways you won't get any free time during school, so take rest atleast now". So the big word kitchen always remained alien to me. It never bothered, until one day, oops night.

Those were the days when I had to stay alone. Most of the times, the dinner used to be at office only. But one night at 11PM, I felt like eating Aloo Parota. The urge was so much, that I could hardly resist. I felt as if aloo parota of my imagination getting a physical realization & is calling me "Ba Ba..." I had seen Laddoo's people preparing parotas, that looked so very easy, big deal!!!

I geared up to make some home made (self made, to be very precise ;o)) aloo parotas. The first hurdle was the dough. Thank God, I knew its the wheat flour which is used. I took some flour, some water and salt. Only after trying my hands at it, I realised water was too much. I put some flour, now what, dough is so hard, again put some water. In this trial & error in a typical software engineer style, my dough was ready. Not to mention, leaving me ghost like with all the flour on my face, on my hair. Thank God, I didn't see the mirror else I wouldn't have slept the whole night ;o)

Now comes the stuffing. That was a kinda easy. Cooked aloo, put some seasoning and mirchie, it was all set. The 'not so bad taste' of the stuffing gave me amazing confidence (or over confidence??!!!). "Ha ha, adige enoo Brahma vidyena??? Anybody can cook". Some stuffing, some rolling and my delicious aloo parota is ready.

Round 1: Took some dough, rolled it into a fine circular pattern with some 5cm dia (atleast the graphic design should help somewhere for a electronics gal right?). Kept some aloo stuffing made as balls, here too tried to make it a perfect sphere. Now, took all the edges of the dough and make them meet at the centre. Somehow, the stuffing was properly circumscribed by dough (or I was too early to decide). Started rolling it, loudly singing a song at the same time, as if the 'thing' is going to fall flat for my singing, and become flat automatically. But what the heck!!! A little of stuffing started peeping from the centre as if a mouse from its "bil". Before I could repair it, there were more mice sorry stuffing peeping outside, sticking to the rolling pin. All my enthu burst like tuss pataki of Deepawali. :o( Put it on the tawa as is. Once it was done, I tasted it, not so bad, but need some mechanism to bind the stuffing inside the dough.

Round 2: Brilliant idea!!! I almost kissed myself for having such wonderful brain. Created a similar circular pattern as before. Kept some stuffing exactly as I had done in Round 1. Now comes the twist in the tale. I created one chota circular pattern with almost 2 cm dia. For what!!! Swalpa wait madi!!! I tried to bring all the edges of papa circular pattern to the centre and then immediately applied the chota circular pattern on it. Fevicol ka jodd hain, tootega nahin ;o) The thrill was so much that I felt as if I sealed a Jin inside the Lamp. Now I rolled the 'thing'. Not even a single piece of stuffing dared to peep. The parota was perfectly sealed and well rolled. Patting my own back, I put it on the tawa. Only then I realised there was only dough at the centre of parota, as if it had ruthlessly pushed all the stuffing aside. Disclimer: I don't take any blame if the stuffing reminds you of BSY and dough about KS. On second thoughts, dough was quite sticky, refusing to leave my hand in a same way KS refused to leave his "Gaddi".

Round 3: With the determination of the project manager to meet his last and latest deadline after several postponements I said to myself, now this has to be perfect, aakhir ijjat ka sawal hain!!! :o Ground plan simple, make two quite big circular patterns of the same size. Keep one down, spread the stuffing uniformly across the entire pattern, keep the other circular pattern exactly on top. Seal the edges, all around. Came out quite well, but the edges were :o( By the time I finished all these innovations, it was around 1:30AM. The equation being ME + 3 solid aloo parotas - hunger - urge to eat + lots of vessels to wash + huge mess.

Though the outcome was disastrous, the experience was hilarious!!! Had to switch off the gas several times to allow my laughing sessions. Even today I can't forget the sight of those 3 aloo parotas & the preparation. I think, it is but obvious for you to believe me, if I tell you that I never had any urge to eat aloo parota till now. I might have eaten aloo parota when the caterer had nothing else to offer but every bite of it made sure I had a hearty grin, for the experience which my mom calls nothing short than "Yakshagaana"



  1. hey you have got a cool blog and cool template :)

  2. @ Aks,
    That was really a Very Cute ONE!

    This reminds me of me trying making Lemon Tea! Usually i make reasonably good tea.. One day, i thought, why not think out of the box and try Lemon Tea! In fraction of a minute had milk, sugar, tea powder boiling in a pan! Got hold of a Lemon, cut into two halves and then the squeezed it onto the .... The result disastrous...

  3. Hey Cool post AK. You a pro at it .Well writing & not cooking :P.
    my experiments with gulab jamuns were very diastrous too .

  4. What can we say.. Poor Sijoy !!! :-D

  5. @Ashu,
    Thanks a lot :o)

    Lemon in milk, way to go buddy :-P Totally irreevant to the topic, but can't resist, there are lots of various varieties of tea these days, OMG!!! Green tea with giner, mint leamon, the teas with cinnamon, cardamom, bergamont... I feel so good :)

    Thanks dear :o)So whats the status of your gulab jamun now, planning to visit your house soon [Hope you got the hint :P] In fact I hardly take any sweet, but jamun is different. To decide from which vendorer I should buy my lunch, there was only one simple criteria, go to the one who is giving jamun.

    If one of my friends is standing next to me in the queue, I used to ask "You take jamun???!!!" as if he/she is taking some objectionable thing, the moment he/she becomes thoughtful, ME: You don't!!! Then give it to me :o) I don't remember an instance when I had only one jamun in my plate :-P

    Ya Ya!!! Your turn to pity yourself will come soon, I love experimenting on variety of people :o)

  6. That reminds me of how my cook learned cooking. He told me once that when he started cooking he was asked to make bhindi (ladies finger) ki sabzi at the place where he started his cooking journey. He got nice bhindis and cut it into proper pieces. Then being the hygenic sole he is, he went ahead and washed the cut bhindis. The result is left to your imagination ... but for the person whos just asked me what can washing cut bhindis result in ... result would be similar to washing atta with water

  7. @Pressure Cooker,
    That gives me immense optimism that I can be a good cook oneday. First of all I don't like bindi, after imagining what you said, I might stay away from it forever :o)

  8. good :) nice try .. so by now you must be expert at making aloo parota's ..

  9. That was a good curtain raiser..and practice makes one perfect what say ? :)