Lead India - Tum Chalo To Hindustan Chale

I simply love this video!!!


  1. hey Akshatha, blogrolled ya and dint mind your comment on the managerial post on my blog....

  2. Very inspiring video. I hope this "Lead India" initiative is not about "Talking" but "Doing" something also....

  3. @Ashu,
    Thanks dear :o) If my comments are of any help to you, I would be very happy :o)

    Hope the same. But more than what a "Lead India" winner does, the main thing is, its bringing some awareness in the people of entire nation and not just the 8 finalists. This viedo indeed a very inspiring one. Though the cine stars contributed, they could never make an impact as this video does. Simple yet so strong.

  4. Awesum Video ! Damn good . Got goose bumps while seeing this . Love ya AK for making my day :)

  5. It started off on the right note, but maybe we were all sort of misled, and soon it became yet another “competition” - mainly to get eyeballs and advertisement revenues, all the while claiming to meet social objectives.

    And Indians, who are so obsessed with “exams” and “who is the first” etc - got bought into it.

    If the whole idea was to do social good, why not choose the top 50 or so, and give them a budget? Who cares who is the “best” leader of them all? because after all the “best” is not being decided on “action” but mere “words”…for which we we have no dearth amongst the politicians of India.

    The bigger problem is that we are totally ignoring the HUGE MONSTER PROBLEM OF INDIA, and not even debating it to try and find solutions. The monster problem is the totally broken delivery system of the Indian Govt - which by itself could be ignored, if it were not for the “food” it eats. But you just can’t - why? Because thousands of crores of our hard earned (collective) wealth is thrown at it - and the monster gobbles it all, and leaves just crap behind…and asks for more the next year.

    Why do we have such a broken system? Here is the recipe for disaster:
    1. Job for life.
    2. No transparency/accountability
    3. Full pay, whether you work or you don’t.

    There is no “indian element” in this - you put this system anywhere on this planet and it will produce the same results.

    If we are throwing 64000 crores just in the social sector alone in the mouth of this monster - and all we get is crap - should we not be urgently addressing this issue?

    What bothers me is that here is a monster in our midst which is causing mayhem; this is the elephant in the room…and we simply ignore it and try to focus on a few ants.

    We need to get our priorities right and we need to get a sense of the scale. We are doing this big tamasha for 50 lacs, which is 0.00078125% of 64000 crores…and we award 64000 crores and more to this monster called the “broken delivery system” of the Indian Govt … without a whimper, without a debate, without anyone asking “what will we get in return”?

    What, are we blind? stupid? or is this a “holy cow” that can’t be questioned? so we just have to shut up and accept that the elephant will always be in the room and we will simply have to work around it, with our inane schemes of 50 lacs here, 25 lacs there…whereas crores and crores of our wealth is being frittered away.

    Got any ideas to slay this monster? Pls share it with us.

  6. Aks, the video is not opening in my system. Anyways, is this the same video where a big tree is fallen on the road causing traffic jam,....,first only a school boy and then one by one others also joining him to clear it? That video is awesome.