Configure gmail on outlook

Finding gmail to be less organised & user friendly compared to outlook? Don't worry, you can configure the gmail account in your outlook. All the mails currently in the gmail account + new mails can be read through outlook, can be organised in folders, labelled, flagged...

Here is a very good demo of configuring the gmail on outlook. The presentation is so beautiful that a layman too can configure it :o)

Hope you find it useful :o)


  1. hmmm, nice. But you really want to waste 2 Gigs of space on ur machine, when google is giving it to u for free. Maybe IMAP access will be good. But then u need to be online..

    PS: Already i am crying as i am using outlook (forced to). The IT support team here told, they wont support Ximian evolution client or any *nix clients. Mommy !!!

    Try Ximian with Gmail.. [;)]

  2. See there are several reasons to it. One is called "Abhyasa bala" (literal translation would be addiction), after using outlook for 4 years, if I have to use gmail, nahinnn (Our Hema Malini istyle ;o)

    You don't need internet if you want to go through your old mails. 2GB on internet is no doubt a considerable one, but on the system, its chuttu :o) That too my gmail tells me I am using only 2% of the total available space.

    Lastly, I don't like the look and feel of gmail :o)

    I can try Ximian with gmail at our usual charge, 500 rubees pls ;o)

  3. He He. 500 rs. Sure. Anything for you. Gimme a Proof of concept, i will pay. You know i am now using all thagda terms after getting involved in the lab setup [;)]

    Did i hear Nahiinnn..

  4. I came to your blog via pradys. Thought of being a passerby, but then, had to comment on this one. :-)

    The beauty of gmail is GMAIL. I also use outlook at office. I like it too, but the ease of use of gmail is a phenom by itself. Now run this on firefox and lace it with a few greasemonkey scripts and you are in online email shortcut heaven! :-)

    Damn ... you sound so much like Hema Malini! :-))

  5. @HK,
    Aste kano aste, :o( you don't trust your friend alva :'( sob ... sob...

    Hmmm.... After installing gTalk I am kinda liking it for the notifications it gives for e-mails, scraps and stuff like that. The major thing I feel missing is the folder system in gamil. Though you can apply labels, physically all mails would be at the same place :o( I hope gTalk comes with lots of emoticons.

    Sound like Hema Malini!!! Then you must see me when I am imitating her ;o)

  6. @HK & Ajay,
    I upgraded yahoo mail to a new version. It has outlook kinda look with all folders, reading panes etc. Plus various skins to match your style. Worth a try :o)