Configure gmail on outlook

Finding gmail to be less organised & user friendly compared to outlook? Don't worry, you can configure the gmail account in your outlook. All the mails currently in the gmail account + new mails can be read through outlook, can be organised in folders, labelled, flagged...

Here is a very good demo of configuring the gmail on outlook. The presentation is so beautiful that a layman too can configure it :o)

Hope you find it useful :o)

Jab We Met...

From the promos itself it appeared to be a sweet romantic movie, with a touch of comedy. The first plus point in the movie is the music. Pritam has proved his mettle once again with this movie and you instantly fall in love with the songs. The story line is simple to begin with, but throw in some confusions, it can result in a really good script, as this Jab We Met.

The movie is very bubbly, thanks to Kareena Kapoor's character 'Geet'. Be it, "My apni favourite hoon", "Aap convince hogaye hain, ya main aur bolu?", "Main tumhe kaisi lagthi hoon, mast...", "Pls mere behen ki saath bhaag jao.." The movie keeps its pace with lovely dialogues, beautiful locales, beautiful performances and wonderful songs. Performance-wise both Shahid and Kareena excel. I had disliked Shahid in "Dil Mange More", where a village guy keeps yelling "Hang-on, Hang-on" which looked so artificial. Similarly my friends almost tore their shirts after watching "Khushi". During the initial few scenes I felt Kareena's Khushi act will be back, but voila!!!! she carries the emotional scenes with equal ease on her shoulders. Shahid has performed really well, whether as the pessimistic person with suicidal impulse or the optimistic successful industrialist later.

I am just crazy over the music of this movie. Initially it was only the "Yeh ishq hai, baite bitaye...", then "Na hain yeh paana...". After watching movie, even the sad "Aoge jab tum saamne..." & "Aao, Milo chale" felt very nice on the ears. "Aao Milo chale" brings back the "Tanha Dil" memories... I was surprised when I got to know, "Yeh Ishq hai.." is sung by Shreya Ghoshal. The similar kind of surprise when Sunidhi had sung melodious "Mere Zindagi mein ayeho.." after her so many fast & taporish kind of songs. Every singer in this movie deserves a HATS OFF for the amazing job done. The lyrics are very very precise to the situation and with lots of meaning. The picturisation of all the songs makes them much dearer.

Costume of the movie is to die for!!! I am dying to get the Red long skirt, the yellow top, the pink top and the yellow kurthi she wears in the "Yeh Ishq...". They are just awesome. The choreography of this song is also too good.

After all the praises, one thing I felt tough digesting. The gal who takes responsibility of her own actions, who finds life in any damn silly thing, who believes in living life to the fullest, being happy, mourns for an unworthy lover for nine months. In those nine months, she completely transforms herself into a person who thinks all that she had done was wrong!!! Spirit from within is not so short lived!!! "Phir Milenge" is the only movie, where the spirit of the individual is held high. Even after knowing she has been infected by HIV, after a few sad days the gal is back in action with the same spirit & zeal to live life to the fullest.

Anyways, the movie is worth the money. After Chak De, Dhamaal & Jonny Gaddar, I can say only good movie so far. After watching Saawariya, I can say this with much more confidence :o

Strangely, the couple split in their real life during (or before) this movie, but there is not even a hint of it. They rock with each other and their chemistry is great. They simply look made for each other. Even more strangely, the real life couple look very boring most of the times when cast together except John-Bips. Even Shahid & Kareena were criticised for low on chemistry during their earlier films when they were going head strong in real life. Anyways, seeing how professional they are, I would certainly want to see a few more movies with Kareena & Shahid in it.