"You laugh when you are crying from inside,
You cry at the moments of joy,
Strangely, thats the maturity life teaches you,
Otherwise, wouldn't you be a kid who doesn't have to care before laughing or crying???"


  1. First we try to build up our defenses and do as you mentioned, laugh when you feel like crying and cry when we feel like laughing... And then, we try to undo the same !!! Strange are the ways of humans :)

    By the way, I'm unable to read the font of your blog, looks like the background and foreground are both white ! Is it only for me?

  2. whos wrds are those anyway...

  3. @Saumya,
    Sometimes its not only the defenses we build but helplessness too. Its tough to cry infront of those who get more hurt than you :o|

    Have you subscribed for the atom? May be that sends only the text part which is in white. May be I should do something to this. Thanks a lot layd :o)

    Experience speaks :oP

  4. nice words..that is so so true.