Gufaa @ Jayanagar

Planning for a nice dinner in a not so common ambience??? Then, welcome to Gufaa. Placed in a nicely lit building at Jayanagar. But be ready to give out a shriek, the moment you plan to get out of the lift. There are special people ready to welcome you, a caveman holding a lantern & a snake hanging from the roof top. :-P All the lights you saw so far are gone, all that is in front of you is a cave like structure!!! Scared!!!??? Think of having dinner amidst hanging snakes, spiders, webs, creeking birds... Belive me, its going to be an interesting experience & worry not, all this setup is artificial :-P

The moment you enter this cave, you find waiters in the uniform of forest officials and the means they follow to move around this cave brings out lots of childhood memories, yes they use fireworks :o) The menu has a good variety of North Indian cuisine & they are quite good too. Though its at the higher end when it comes to price, I was surprised to see the hotel always housefull. You need to plan atleast a day before and get the booking confirmation.

Another interesting thing to watch here are the kids, I had thought, kids might get frightened, but they were very happy looking at the spiders, small artificial falls & other stuff... A Bangalore bred kid really misses the real ones. They were happily running around the entire cave & a few hotel crew happily joined the kids :o)

The major let down for me was, there is no distinction beween the smoking/non-smoking regions or the drinking & non-drinking regions. So you need to be a bit tolerant to ignore what your next table guy is doing & enjoy the evening.

Be sure to take the chooze (if you are a non vegeterian), stuffed full mushrroms, some stuffed pomgranate starter and the dry fruit rotis. Be sure to savour the evening slowly & peacefully. Don't worry, the curries won't loose their heat, as they put little burners on your table to keep the curries hot till you finish. :o)

The location is Jayanagar 3rd Block, near the ICICI Bank.


"You laugh when you are crying from inside,
You cry at the moments of joy,
Strangely, thats the maturity life teaches you,
Otherwise, wouldn't you be a kid who doesn't have to care before laughing or crying???"