Devils Workshop - 2

Just like my previous Devil's Workshop post, this post is also meant only for a small set of audience, the set which has the weirdest sense of imagination and visualization. Rest of the people, please press Alt-F4 and go back to see the world as-is, this monitor is not going to develop canines in a jiffy and bite at your neck.

Life is lot more fun, if you see what you don't normally see ;o) I had this friend of mine who used to speak very very slow. Me being very impatient at that time, felt an all time high urge to hold his neck with both my hands and shake it so hard that all the letters on their way to his mouth loose balance and fall out at rapid successions and I can arrange them to read it much faster than he utters a single word.

In fact this weird imagination was lost somewhere in the time valley, but a similar thought yesterday brought this memory back. I am a very good girl until I am hungry, once I am hungry all my mannerisms go on a vacation. As usual yesterday afternoon we went to this Punjabhi Dhaba which is located just at the back of my office. Me being very hungry felt like crying when I saw the huge crowd there. But luckily, there was a troop of three gals who had almost finished. One gal in them especially thought that she is being captured over Cam with slow motion, slowly she was breaking the roti, slowwly she was dipping in the curry, slowwwly she was carrying it towards her mouth (as if, if she were to increase her speed, the roti piece would feel giddy!!!) and then slowwwwly chewed it. Mummyyyyyy!!! I am hungryyyyy!!! Again a little devil in me came out and I felt like breaking all the rotis into pieces in a sec, stuffing it in her mouth and forcing her chew fast by holding her head at chin and the top and moving it at the speed of light.

Till sometime, I used to think I am the weirdest imaginer on earth, only to realize there are a few more cartoons. Once my friend, out of context to the current talk, told me, there should have been a way to carry the baby (in womb) on sharing basis. How good it would be if I can say to my partner "Pleaaasssee Janu, I have a deadline in office, please carry the baby for 1 more week and I promise, I will keep the baby for one more week when my turn comes up".

My mom's biggest dream in life was to put some flesh on my body ( now she regrets :P ). In my college people used to tell me "Keep a paper weight on head, otherwise you'll fly off!!!". Never realized when did I put on weight and when my name was changed from "kaddi" to "dummi". Sighhh!!! In my office there is this "Junk Girl", ( A model for Moto Pebl, having hour-glass structure, whose big hoardings have been placed at couple of the lift lobbies at office. I named her Junk Girl, for my fellow colleague+friend's admiration towards her plus a bit of jealousy) And these junk people used to pull me to her hoarding and show her to me, "immediately" after lunch or a yummy snack time :'( Grrr!!! Initially I used to close my eyes and run from there, but after sometime, I started going to her hoarding, typically with my right hand thumb on nose and other four fingers moving (A typical kiddish teasing gesture), "I ate paneer fried rice gottaa!!!", "I ate onion parata, ningilla, kuyya mama!!!" Then I used to imagine her weeping for those yummy stuffs!!! Devil in me being completely satisfied :oP

There is no end for imagination, if I go on, this will be a never ending saga. But be nice when you write comments this time. Beware of a little devil getting into the comp, swimming through all the TCP packets, reaching you, only whip her hunter the moment you write anything nasty in the comment box. Ha Ha Ha :o) [Devilish Grinnn!!!]


  1. juss wanted to tell ya tht shah rukh khan has plagiarised for his next movie....your tagline...:)...tht "if its not well, then its definitely nt the end" thing...:) in later posts...

  2. Hey Little-Devil, this one is so so sooooooooo funny.....

    Ur sequel to DevilsWorkshop is funnier than the MunnaBhai-sequel.....actually :o)

    I dare not say a word over this, Red Sonja :o)

  3. @UP,
    Is it!!!??? If it were to be someone else I would have killed him, but Shahrukh is always spared, atleast after Chak De!!! :P


    ThankU ThankU, got scared of me huhh!!! Akshu khush hui :P What is this Red Sonja?

  4. Hmmm...imagination...I like giving a rap on my computer if it becomes very slow...hoping to wake it up...or maybe..settle all the 1's and 0's in place so that it responds faster...:-D... or even think of lifting the modem higher than the computer when downloading a file over a slow dial-up connection, so that there is free flow of bytes downstream...

    BTW..nice to read something from you after a loooonng time....maybe some one should bang your hands on the keyboard so that posts come out faster ;-).

  5. @Prady,
    As I said, I used to think I am the only weirdest imaginer, but as the days passes by I meet more such :P

    There is one more instance I missed in the blog. There is this friend of mine who had the biggest problem in life, his beard. He used to shave it off in the morning and by evening it used to appear back. He was telling me once, "you girls say you are the ones who suffer all the pains in life, just think about me :o(". My another friend's immediate reaction was "if we can put two plaits on our head, can't we afford to have one more? Who is going to shave it everyday", now try imagining this, a lady with three plaits, two on head and one at chin :P

  6. Im awestruck wid yur language, grammer, exprssn, thoghtz, topicz....though nt exaggerat'n, itz blatant! yu've written wht evryone feelz....yu feel d same pulse. yur get'n bettr wid each new post. i envy yu! itz grt to hve such literatre....cultivate it & ur kannada bitz in thre, mkez me mre fanatic on ur wrk(may be yu can write on "ghanchali bhidu....kannada mataadu!").

  7. ya it is indeed...and now i am clearly amazed and scared...never thot there cud be a devil within..!...anyway nice own imagination is not the least fertle i must admit, but no where near yours..hats off...

  8. very good... you are like that as always...

  9. The devilish-acts you have mentioned in this blog reminded me of a devilish-character close to little-devil called "Red Sonja" which is also the name of the lead-character in this movie and a famous comic-strip as well :o)

    "Red Sonja" is a she-Devil with a Sword, a warrior woman and sorcery heroine. She first appeared in "Conan the Barbarian" Comic-strips and the Movie-series.

    To know more about Red-Sonja click “here."

  10. Go a step further..postponing delivery date if boss does not sanction leave due to deadline. ;o)

  11. @Sachin,
    Thanks a lot!!! You made my day!!! You have given a great idea, let me see how effectively I can bring it down to the blog :o)

    You got scared??? Aaahhhh!!! Now I have an alternate career to feature in Ektha Kapoor's soaps.

    He he you know me better :P

    Where are you? Where are you? I am going to come and kill you!!! Mummyyyyy, I saw that Red Sonja.... I know I am a devil but not like her :'(

    Amma thaye, ninna padada xerox tegdu kodu:P On second thoughts, imagine the plight of mother who will be mask marofy her unborn kid, "Please putta, understand your mom, please come out after a week, I will get you a big choki", the infant will kick and say "from 9 months I am here and you want me to keep here still, yeh le" kick, kick kick, on thrid thoughs :P the baby can be a next Beckam :P

  12. Koti, adu nanna original imagination alla. Ninna imaginationge addition ashte. Nanna padada xerox beka ninge, ninna poorti body xerox modlu kalsu nanage.

  13. Imagination can make life so interesting! Lol! :)

  14. @Raji,
    Imagine, if the xerox machine comes to know that it has to completely xerox me, then it will develop legs in a sec and will run away, spilling all the paper on its way, frightened and panting :P

    @Claytonia Vices,
    Isn't it? :o)

  15. Clap Clap Calp..... Amazing !!!!!!
    You are mesmerized by Walt Disney’s, Looney Toon’s and Tom and Jerry’s.

  16. @Madhav,
    Thanks Thanks!!! I am a very big fan of Tom & Jerry, most of the time I visualise myself as Jerry and visualise myself doing something naughty as the cutie pie Jerry does. Thanks for visiting my blog :P

  17. hey.. nice one..

    i feel like goin to ppl who take much time near hand wash & telling them sir this is not the place to take bath.. hehehe

  18. hey akshata....i am frm d same place as u r frm.....cofee land...i just happened to go thru ur blog and truly felt it very honest...since all of us tend to hv a devil inside us :) and mst of us try to hide him....beleive me .....d devil inside in me alwys tells me...why cant men come and stay with us and our parents....why shle only we happen to go and stay with them .....or else as u said if its turn by turn is also fine....anyway its just a thght...and it will remain alwys a fantasy......anyway....iam quiet inspired by ur blog to write one myself....carry on gal...have fun and wish u all d best.....ur blog made my day.....

  19. hey akshata....i am frm d same place as u r frm.....cofee land...i just happened to go thru ur blog and truly felt it very honest...since all of us tend to hv a devil inside us :) and mst of us try to hide him....beleive me .....d devil inside in me alwys tells me...why cant men come and stay with us and our parents....why shle only we happen to go and stay with them .....or else as u said if its turn by turn is also fine....anyway its just a thght...and it will remain alwys a fantasy......anyway....iam quiet inspired by ur blog to write one myself....carry on gal...have fun and wish u all d best.....ur blog made my day.....

  20. wow ! I love this post :) . One more to the league . I always felt like getting out of my phone & strangulate my manager when is he in call with me .
    And i can see people's eye balls pop out when they see a good looking gal or good food just like Tom & jerry .
    Cartoonic photographic memory is what people call me .Because I imagine everything with a cartoonic imagination . hehehe

  21. @Bharath,
    Thats ok kano, I have seen some people who don't wash their hands after a non-veg meal, so that they can keep smelling it throughout the day. Yaacccc!!!

    Thanks a lot Savitha, now I must say you made my day. Nice to see the comment from my "coffee land" girl :o) Its a good idea, imagine guy's doing all those stuff in their in-laws place, just similar to a girl in her in-laws place, like cooking, taking his in-laws to temple :P Maja iaratte

    Who else but me knows your cartoonising. I still say " Mein nahin karrongi Uncle Scruz" & that "Pleeeaasse" in our typical Jerry style :P Kuch yaad aaya?

  22. Hi aks, u indeed have some weird imagination. may be I have better. I am inspired now to start my blog with this. :)
    Its a long time I saw u but still Can't believe u became fat...

  23. @Savitha..
    I guess ur thought comes to almost every girl, atleast once in her lifetime.

    Every evening when I am stuck up in traffic jam, i think "Kash mere paas ek magic mat hota." Imagine 'just sit on the magic mat and fly to ur house'.

  24. A devil in you... A kid in you... I prefer the kid in anyone. Well everyone has a kid in him/her-self. When a kid does the devilish act it is the most admired thing, something that is talked about...

    Taking the pregnancy to term on a part time is fun idea. A "junior" (I hope you have seen the junior movie) would be a nice one to consider too...

    Never take the deadline so much to the heart. The office deadlines should never deter anything personal. That too pregnancy is the last to be affected by it...

    Cheers and good luck.

    Keep writing...

  25. back again ... all this nonsense websense blocks most of the sites in office :-).
    yah ur BRO too have weird imaginations and happy to see someone in same wavelength making the earthy creatures afraid of us.

    Here Goes...
    * Taking a Flight loaded with H2O to Mars and filling the Big big craters of Mars with the Water and creating a wonderful swimming pool out of this and enjoying the whole day (I still donno how to swim but dream abt this frequently)
    * Going back to old age of Mahabharatha times by time machine and meeting Mr. Krishna ( Lord krishna, the great Philosopher of all times) and teach him the Theory of Evolution of Universe.
    * Above all -- I have the Habit of Counting the Stars ( check out my blog post "12486 and goes on").

    PS: Lets mark "Beware of Booth" in our Tags :-)

  26. @Prabhu Aryan

    Why don't you try teaching Theory of Creation to Darwin? He already knew it? Well, not the Krishna's version. I wonder how much more time should we wait for someone to come up with another theory refuting Darwinism.

  27. Aks,
    You are due for a long time now... Dont disappoint.... :)

  28. @Prashant,
    You know very well the kid in me right? Well, all that was the fun part. When there is a clash between personal & professional life, I guess still people give preference to personal life only. What do you say?

    @Prabhu Aryan & Harsha,
    Good idea, why don't you try coming up with a new theroy?

    @IE Raj,
    Sorry sorry, was a bit busy professionally & personally too, now currently I am jobless, so you can expect downpour of posts. Hope then you don't say Aksssss, enoughhhhhh!!! :oP

  29. @ Aks && Harsha -- Do read "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins, which describes evrytin abt the secret behind the evolution/creation and survival.

  30. so did u see the tag line of om shanti om...

  31. Hi..I came to your blog through orkut and read quite a few posts..and that obviously mean I like your style of if you are maintaining a list of your fans , add me to it..I might come back to finish all others.. BTW,I got a bit of info from ur blog..the first ur "hubby" is so romantic..I always expected that..but u "confirmed" my hypothesis that "The guys of his nature do seem have a lot of heart as well.."..and ur devil's workshop-2 ..its really humourous..I could hear myself laughing while reading...and one thing which I could relate to myself as well.."I am OK till I am getting my meals"..(this "OK" is quite relative.. my understanding of mannerism is quite differnt)... and something full of life for you.
    BTW, your hubby should have reached here by now..and I am going to call him and tease him for all those gifts before he dozes off with an excuse of "jet lag"..:-)..

  32. I am googling this column for the post "What Women look for in Men", which I had seen looong back as "Up-Coming"... I am lost. Is that section never appeared ? Could you please point me if It is there somewhere..... somehow, Ctrl-F not working :)