Mere paas gaadi hain, bangla hain, tere paas kya hain? Mere Paas CREDIT CARD hain!!!

Though seems to be an exaggeration, I am sure all of you would have silently nodded on reading the post title. Thats the power this small, slim thing has!!! I was dying to possess one till I got hold of a few, now I can't wait to get rid of those. Say good bye to all your savings the moment you plan to get one. You realise it only after seeing the credit card statement. Just today I went to buy a track pant. A thing which normally costs from 100-150 rs costed me 3.5K, oh no!!! Thats not made of Kashmiri silk. There were 2 cute dress pieces which tempted my eyes and I fell prey for them. The result, a fat bill. But then did I buy what I wanted?? I didn't.

Last time when I got my credit card bill, I almost suffered a heart attack. I started wondering where all the money spent?? Luckily I had a list of grocery items I bought from a super market. I started counting the valid and not so valid items. Heck!!! out of 1.3K, only 280 Rs accounted for valid household items. Rest are awonhi junk things which I could have easily skipped. The kinds like realActive juice, some creme, some shampoo, some new product... The best part of this thoughtless shopping is, I won't even be remembering what I bought after 2 days. Result, they go unused. God, why do I go to such super markets!!! Next thing you do after such shopping is swipe the card, sign it and get going. [Did you say checking the bill or amount, grrrr!!!!]

Monetary aspect is not the only misery in credit cards, but their customer care facilities too. If you get 10 calls per day, 8 out of them would be from these dear friends offering life time free, international, gold, platinum, copper, tin and xyz cards. You apply for one card, the bank provides you with the visa card, amex version of the same card, additional cards to your dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, even to chintu who just got his first tooth. But they offer some free entertinement too, if your office phone rings post lunch, don't pick it up, just sit back and relax listening to the melody propagating from one cube to the other. This also increases the co-operation between co-workers, the one who mistakenly picks the calls, drops it and climbs over the cube to tell his next cube guy not to pick, its a CC call. Thanks to credit card and its excellent crew.One part of my mind says pack all the credit cards and throw it in the bin. But then the other cribs thinking of inconvinience its gonna face without a card. Lets see who wins :o)


  1. knock....knock...u still thr

  2. Just got a fuuny note out of the title ... "Mere paas gaadi hain, bangla hain, tere paas kya hain? Mere Paas CREDIT CARD hain!!!"

    Kyon ki JIske pass CREDIT CARD rahte hai,,Na uske pass gaadi rahta hai,, na Bangala rahata hai,,Aur Na Maa rahti hai,,,Woh to apne Add on Credit card pe shop kar rahi hoti hai.

  3. This reminds me of my D-Day 5 years back. I was applying for my first piece of plastic. My friend adviced me, dont go for it. It is evil..
    I gave him a loonnnnggg lecture. "See, i know my earnings. I can control my spendings. I will user this plastic as not a credit card, but as a debit card. Blah.. Blah..."

    Now... I dont want to write about it... I am travelling this week end.. Need to book my tickets. Wow, my e-mail says Jet is throwing away tickets.. Catch ya later..

  4. "Mere pass banga hain, gaadi hain, bank balance hain.....kya hain tumhare paas ??? "

    "Bhaaaaaai, mere paas 2 banglen hain (wo bhi bangalore ke prime locality mein where the real-estate prices are to the peak), 2 gaadi hain (BMW and Audi 6-cylinder 3.2 A3 model)...........
    kyu ki mere pass HSBC-Gold card and Amex-Platinum cards hain........Bhaaaai u get one of these too and you can buy all you want without even getting into the smuggling world"

    I guess this could be a great ad for a credit-card company, lemme try selling this concept :o)

  5. Thats why I throughed all my CCards.

    But every time I need to register a domain name, or buy some Electronic components online, I start begging my friends.

    Once those CC dear friends afford me some MCard...I told them, I don't have job, r u still interested to give me that Card ???

  6. well....i have not been a big fan of fact i was more skeptical earlier...infact, i got into possestion of those only because of the persuasive manners of the vendors..i couldnt say "no" after long....but still i made sure that the credit limit was not too case of lossing the card or sumthing...
    but then, i have found that they are not so bad after all...a couple of times, I was really grateful that i had those....but once, i was bewildered coz the credit limit was lesser than the payment amount i needed to make...:)....and thankfully, I am no big its not all that bad if i am able to make timely payments and not pay the penalty...

  7. but change this "black" avataar after a few days..ok

  8. u r right buddy...
    i had a bad exprnce vyth CC guys...
    had bunch of cards (hdfc,hsbc,icici,stanchart,sbi,times intnl) on those days.
    Wont know which one am using and the due amount to be paid and all...
    adrenalin will rise at the time of getting a call frm customer care...
    being lazy,wont pay bills properly and the customer care is very poor apart from stanchart which leads to increase in interest rate.
    moreovr,till nw nvr gone 4 shopping especially for me. Frnds call me 4 the shopping as i have gud taste of selection.when i see any gud collection of fabrics,there comes the problem simply use my CC,scratch it, sign it and forgot it...
    Finally end up vyth stanchart for India and Times Intnl for global :-)

    make sure tat u know the details and offer provided by the card ( many cards come up vyth hidden costs).
    Be aware of their terms in writing.
    Keep a perfect record of all correspondence with them. If they do not
    agree to written communication, immediately stop their services.
    If you ask some nationalised bank to take over the housing loan from ICICI Bank, even after paying full amount, you will not get back your original documents for months. You will be told that the documents are in Mumbai and they are trying to retrieve the same. This is the answer you get everyday.

    It is suggetsed to have the following measure in the Credit Crad to have more safty

    -It should be always a photo card and signed on reverse.
    -Its receipt of purcahse should be signed as in the case of debit card
    -It should have a pin no which should not be printed on the reverse side of the card for the safety.
    -Like in Debit Card you should have a mobile alert system so that immediate corrective action can be taken
    -Companies should prefer to go for Debit card in place of Credit Card

    What does it take for a fraudster to commit an online fraud using a credit card?
    Only the sixteen digits and the Card Verification Value number on the back of the credit card, which are easily accessible.
    The big question is what is the need to print this CVV number on the credit card?
    Banks say the CVV number is needed to ensure the customer actually possesses the card while making the purchase.

    In reality, anyone can quickly note the digits on your card and make it his own at least on the Internet.
    With online shopping sites not asking for a second factor identification, the chances of fraud are very high.
    "The second factor identification should ask for information which is known only to the consumer. Giving all information on the card is not advisable."

    Interestingly, online purchases with a debit card are much safer because transactions take place on the bank's website rather than the merchant's.
    sometimes even Debit card has few pblms,U can't claim money bak from Debit card once someone commits a fraud on debit card.
    Moneyis out of ur bank account. in case of credit card, atleast u can dispute it !!
    So whatevr cards you use, use it carefully.

  9. AK-94.....your words n writings have double the power of an AK-47, so thought this would be a nice nickname for you :o)

    Where did the Little-Devil that was present on this webpage's background vanish ??

  10. Hmmmm nice title....
    May be u r right abt usage, but it depends upon the individual about the usage. I enjoy using credit card coz I get big time gap to make the repayments. Initially I too lost lotz of money coz of ezy hands with beutiful credit cards..:-)
    One more general comment.. U chose the right nice pics suiting the theme of blogs...

  11. This one is superb, best among alll you have tried out till now. Try one more thing. Clip the bottom part of the gif a bit. Small patch of white clouds at the bottom right half ot the gif is seeming to be slightly odd.

  12. @Prabhu Bhaktha,
    Thanks!!! I know, I tried doing that by downloading 2 GIF editors. One stupid thing adds its own logog which keeps flashing. In the other, you have to edit each and every frame, a slight change in position, that part seems to be moving!!! I will surely do that :o)

  13. I lost track of this POST with relatively lengthier Comments! [;)] Nice one! Keep POSTING! Its my pleasure to have u on my favourite bloggers list (wrt ur remark on my post)!

    Keep Bloggin, Keep Smilin!

  14. This background is coool...

  15. Hey Akshatha,

    Got to your blog thru ur orkut profile. Your articles are good and the background of the page is superb. Way to go! :)


  16. @Roopa, Vijay & BP,
    Thanks a lot :o)