"We Value Opportunities Only In Retrospect"

Hema Malini, one of the beautiful woman of Indian Cinema. She amazed me whenever she came on screen, even now. She looks damn beautiful even at this age and can put any present actress to shame with her charm, poise and dignity. How can I forget her 1000W smile which lights up the screen instantly and gives a feeling she is our own.

Apart from her screen image, her personal life was something which I was curious about. Well, ofcourse not for the gossip, but a sheer curiosity to know the life of the person who had been to THE top!!! How was it, was that easy, was that painful, was that lonely at top... so many such questions in the small minds of small people like me.

Came to my help was this book, An Authorised Biography of Hema Malini. She is intelligent enough not to give out too many personal details but yes, I could read about a successful person through her journey. Here are some exceprts...

A child artist makes big in the art, Bharathanatyam and gets quite a few offers to act in the movies, then gets dropped from her maiden project for "Not having such star quality". The rejection prompts her to take out bigger challenges with vengeance and she goes to become the Queen of Indian Cinema. She gets to act in lots of movies and rules the world, marries to a successful co-star and now is a mother of two beautiful daughters. Well, who doesn't know this?

Success surely comes at a price. If you want to have success be ready to pay. Such kind of payments Hema had to make at several instalments. A crazy pakistani fan just to have a glimpse of this beautiful star, waits every day in front of her house. Being turned down by her security personnel, he dares once to jump off the compound and get into Hema's room. The scream of the maid alerts family members and while attempting to call for police Hema's father suffers a diabetic heart attack. For a reason as insignificant as this Hema had to pay a huge price of loosing her father!!!

Another incident may be her marriage with Dharmendra, already a married man with 4 children!!!! Its amusing to see how her parents wonder why there is no alliance for their daughter from a royal blood or a politician or an industrialist. Hema had reached the heights which no ordinary man can reach and somehow there was no proposals from not-so ordinary people. Was it pre-destined that Hema was not attracted to bachelors like Jeetendra or Sanjeev Kumar??? As Hema herself say "That time this was the only option seemed appropriate!!!" This marriage brought lots of pains, criticism & negetive publicity!!!

Any earning person however busy he/she is has to take care of their finances was the lesson Hema learnt very late, only after a financial disaster. The Income Tax office slapped her with a tax of nearly a crore which she was completely unaware of. Being a busy star, she never knew what she earned & what she spent. A star who shined in huge banners with prominent stars for astronomical pay cheques, had to work for B-grade movies just to pay her tax.

Bigger the person, greater is the fall!!! But there are people who still dare to dream, to take life as it comes, to stretch their wings still wider... Hats Off!!! May be now I can understand how she can look so beautiful and dignified even after going through so many disasters. Its the strength from within, to be equally strong at the ups and downs of life. May be its this strength and self worth appears as beauty and may be because of this all successful people look beautiful irrespctive of their real looks!!!

Jaya Chakravarthy needs a special mention, if not she, we wouldn't have had any Hema Malini. The success of Hema partly is because of the support from her family. The same bonding, dedication and conviction can be seen in Hema for her daughters. She is the only actress who kept her passion of dance alive even after becoming a huge star. Though she was a wonderful dancer, every new stage performance used to give her a churning sensation before getting into the stage. As Esha recalls "Sometimes I feel we invaded her creative space for being her kids. I remember telephoning her just seconds before her entry into the stage for insignificant matters like a compass box. How could we be so cruel???". I amaze at how she contains everything within herself and gives out such a radiant smile as if she has been bestowed with all the goodies of life.

Next time when I see a "beautiful" person, I am sure to respect the experiences, the maturity, the worth, the struggle & the courage which brings out that "beauty" in him/her. Success does not come in a day. Every successful person has to undergo all the trials God poses in front of them. May be we are too blinded by their success to see their struggles. As Hema rightly states"We value opportunities only in restrospect!!!". Till we reap the benefits of a struggle everything seems to be a pain, only when it turns positive, we call that was an opportunity!!!

Well, wanted to make it short and sweet, but how can I stop abruptly when the person in discussion has a larger than life persona, if you have read till here, hats off to your patience ;o)


  1. Hm... A Good Review... I felt as if i read Hemamalini's biography itself... One fact that I noticed was Dharmendra having 4 kids prior to marrying Hema Malini.. [:D] On a lighter note, that is why India has become like a market with sooo many people... [JK] Esha's thoughts abt calling before a show was really sweet... That is life isnt it... That reminds of the fact that every successful person is finally has several roles of a common man in life like Mother, Father, Spouse, Sister, Brother, Friend etc. Because of their successful stature they cannot cease being whatever they are supposed to be...
    Actually, the other personalities i am reminded of at this moment are Meenakshi Sheshadri now based out of Dallas and contributing to the art in her own way there; Prathibha Prahlad - better known for wrong reasons rather than her passion for the art; Vani Ganapathy - again a great dancer known for her being ex-wife of some Tamil Star, again rather being famous for her Dance...

    BTW is Jaya Chakravarthy Hema's MOM?

    Well at the end in the para, "Next time when I see a 'beautiful' person.........", may be you may want to re-phrase it to either 'succesful person' or 'succesful beautiful person', because not all beautiful people are succesful and not all succesful people are beautiful, but the common fact is "Yes, we donot look (or Know) their struggle in the process of becoming succesful or the darker side of their Lives, but we look (or know) only the Brighter side of their Lives!

    Anyways, Aks, Great JOB! I owe you a coffee at "Brew @ Ha Ha"... [:)]

  2. BTW am sure you will look me as a Great PATIENT... Haha... Sorry, as a Person With Great Patience for the reason that not only i read ur complete blog, but also added a relatively lengthier Comment....

  3. Hey Raj,

    Thanks a lot for such a huge comment, I enjoyed reading it. Yes, Esha's thoughts are really sweet. There were so many such incidents where you feel they are not just celebrities but very normal human beings like anyone of us. One such incident is Hema keeping a ruler in her hand and sitting besides Esha and Ahana so that they study properly.

    Yes, Jaya Chakravarthy is her mom, in fact, she was the one who made Hema Malini. The way she prepeares her daughter, supports her and guides her is amazing.

    Well, regarding "beautiful person..." hmm, did you read the previous paragraph in the post??? All successful people look beautiful irrespective of their real looks may be because of their confidence, experiences and struggle through life.

    So its a deal!!! You owe me a coffee at Brew@Ha Ha :P

  4. Hey Good Review ,
    U just motivated me AK .
    Thanks da :)

  5. Hey Reva,

    Thanks a million dear!!! You inspire me to write more and write better :P

  6. Hey one more thing ,
    I read somewhere she is also a student of Bhagwad Gita & practices Yoga daily .No wonder she is so beautiful . I just want to get my hands on that book

  7. I don't know about Yoga, but she is a spiritual person. She is a devotee of Lord Krishna and Indraji Guru ma. She is famously associated with ISKON and other temples where she performs all devotional ballets regularly with her children. That is called PARAMPARA.

  8. Indeed I really missed that LINE... [:(].. I wonder HOW? Am little embarassed about my thought on the word beautiful in this thread. You seem to be WISER on that thought! [:)] BTW one Q - are u dancer like her too? About the DEAL - DONE, lemme know when! [:)]

  9. I am not a dancer, sob... sob... I was obsessed with my career and future at the time when I could have thought about dancing. But now, I wanna learn dance. No achievement can match to the quaility of life. Life becomes more meaningful with activities like this, otherwise its gonna be a monotnonous race. When I learn it, I will let you know for sure :o)

  10. Welcome to the Club of "POWER OF NOW".... [:)]

  11. but why would you respect only "beautiful" people..?....at lease respect is not a function of beauty...and i still do not get a grasp of your extra appreciation of hemaji...there are so many successfull people around...women as well....is it the fact that she took care of her family all alone../ well, all these questions are out of curiosity..not to undermine your appreciation..and yes she is a very good actor...and energetic as well..no doubt

  12. I would appreciate if you could read my post again to understand what beauty mean. Then you will understand why I have told as I would respect and stuff like that... Its very disheartening to see that beauty is associated to the looks :o(

    Yes, there are lots of successful people but I haven't read about all those yet, as and when I read it, I would post it. She being actor was not the thing which impressed me at all, if it were to be, then whole of my post would have been filled with her roles and performances. She being a woman of substance truly deserves all that appreciation :o)

  13. alrite alrite...u there reached cloud 9 of anger or sumthing...infact, i did write that to instigate you...and yes it is not thouroughly clear what beauty meant in that article..or maybe i did not comprehend while i quickly browsed thru the post (u urself admitted it was a long one..:))..so read about more such people and tell us abt. their lives..alleast it saves time..:)..btw i read abt. dravid and it was great...

  14. OK...If you may know...

    which is hemaji's favourite movie she has acted in...i mean her fav. character she has played...just curious if there is a mention of such trivia in the book...

  15. i mean i heard her once in a tv show talking abt that movie..

  16. There are lotsa movies which is close to her for several different reasons, but I guess its "Razia Sulthan" and "Meera".

  17. @ ALL,
    Beautiful Week-End Ahead! [:)]
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    Expecting another beautiful post! [:)]

  18. na...its a rather uncommon one..

  19. I never considered her to be that inspiring until I read your post. Good write up :-)

  20. @Raj,
    Sure, I will try to post this weekend.

    Is it??? Which one is that?

    Thanks Roopa, even I was just curious about her, but then thoroughly impressed after reading her biography. Thanks for visiting my blog :o)

  21. its one movie by the name "laal-patthar"

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