Kya Aap Close up Karthen haiinnn!!!

Who doesn't know the magic this ad did!!! Still I wonder what made this ad click?? The guy with all curly hairdo or the nasal singing of "Kya aap close up karthen haiiinnn!!!" This ad became so very popular that so many versions of it came out, was a hot favourite in forwards, many people changed its lyrics to suite their funny situations....

I am the crazy fan of ads from the days when I used to think I was bought by mom for a KG of rice ;o) I used to watch cricket for the sole reason of new ads. More number of ads more happy me!!! Even today I can watch the same movie or serial nth time for the ads pouring in between!!! These days I am in awe for ads as they are at their creative best. WOW!!! SUPERB!!! Some are funny, some are witty, some are melodious, some are pathetically worth-watching for its stupid content. Whatever it is, I LOVE ADS :o) Here are some of the creative ads which are my personal favourites.

1. Happy Dent white => This is an amazing ad by Prasoon Joshi, almost till the end of this ad I was clueless of whats happening, very moment the guy hangs from chandelier and smiles, all the secret unfolds. This is the most creative ad I have ever seen. Imagine this, in a scene where prospectus girl's father asks guy whats your job, the guy says I am the chief lamp of the chandelier!!!

2. Fevicol => Fevicol ads are my altime favourites. They are very witty. Be it the egg one or the TV one. They have always maintained their creativity. One which I loved the most was the Rajastani ad where a mother will be cooking having a small baby besides, baby being restless keeps running. Witty mother places child over the fevicol container :o)

3. Motorola W220 ads => ok no bias here. The ads of this phone were very interesting. Be it the parents ad or the office one. In parents ad, parents suspect their son doing something un-do-able having proof what looks as an expensive phone. In the office ad, collegue and the boss suspect him for missing money for the same reason. This guy who owns w220 phone in the ad has given ultimate expressions as what to say now!!!

4. SBI ads => These ads were extremely refreshing, very humerous. One favourite in this series is the one where a guy bets with his friend over a SBI product (don't remember properly now :o( ) looses it to get his legs waxed!!! Its hilarious to see the guy screaming over the top of his voice when his legs are getting waxed. Other one is the papad belna, where a husband and wife bets on SBI and husband looses only to roll papads :o) One ad from this series is here,

5. You and I, in this beautiful road... => One of the beautiful ads. It has the melodious song, cute guy and a cutie cutie cutie doggy, chooooooo chweeeeeeeet!!! The best scenes were when the doggy baby tries to cross a wooden hurdle, when it slips on the steps and they way it sleeps with its legs facing sky, chooooooo chweeeeeeet :o)

When it comes to ads, Amul ads needs a special mention. Any big news, Amul is ready with its witty funny version of cartoonising it. In fact there are lots, but then it would become an endless post :o) Hope you enjoyed watching these ads as I did :o)


  1. I completely agree..some ads are worth watching than the program itself. I really get irritated when someone at home mutes the T.V. when ads come up.

    When I was in school, I had a video cassette dedicated for recording ads on the VCR! Too bad I don't have it anymore or it would be nice to watch those old ads.

    Another ad that I liked recently was that of ABN Amro bank, offering cash back on the transactions. A gang of dakus rob a train and one guy offers his ABN credit card! The robbers end up counting money to give the 'cash back' to that guy :-)!

    The Happy dent ad that u mentioned, I wonder how people come up with such ideas...that's called creativity!

  2. How about this one? It's irritatingly funny!

  3. well that motorola ad (the guy and the parents..), it can have some counter-effect...these days even if a person sports a costly mobile, people can exclaim..."hmmm..bas dikhta mehanga hai...::.."..poor those who spent so much...m happy with my "nokia: har jeb mein rang.."..

  4. WELL..I USED TO GET IMPRESSED BY A FEW ADS IN MY CHILDHOOD...I REMEMBER BUYING LIFEBUOY SOAP ONCE AS A 10 YEAR OLD AFTER watching that ad where a guy scores a goal after takin a bath...much to my mummy's dislike..:)...and the other day when i saw a "kismi" toffee bar ad..and learnt that it cost just 1 rupee, i ws the happiest man..:)...and any ad that featured sachin was a favourite ..and now one that features ahul or him...

  5. sbi ads are marvellous..they are decent and humorous...unbeatable...perhaps sbi needs to come up with such stuff to compete with the deluge of private banks operating in india...which is the oldest ad u guys remember..i rememberthat "hajmola..:matser-ji "one and that cooking-oil one where the guy is doing acrobatics with the food...and i was really confused at that one as a kid.....@akshatha..and hey why din u visit my blog...i posted it in hemaji's comment-list..

  6. i dunno how it posted as anon ads are marvellous..they are decent and humorous...unbeatable...perhaps sbi needs to come up with such stuff to compete with the deluge of private banks operating in india...which is the oldest ad u guys remember..i rememberthat "hajmola..:matser-ji "one and that cooking-oil one where the guy is doing acrobatics with the food...and i was really confused at that one as a kid.....@akshatha..and hey why din u visit my blog...i posted it in hemaji's comment-list..

  7. and now i get your love for the tv remote..but you wud be among a few ppl. who like to watch ads...perhaps zee cinema wud be ur fav. channel..with movie between the ads..:)

  8. :(..again that anon against my name..never mind..

  9. @Prady,
    I haven't seen the ad of ABN credit card!!! Looks like a must watch. The ad which you mentioned as irritating funny was my fav, because its different :-O

    First thing is sorry!!! I didn't get any time from past 2 weeks. I promise I will surely read your blog.:o)

    There is one more ad these days which is my favvvvvvvv. This ad is from AIG, a small cute guy offers help to the old lady and she gives him a rupee coin. That chotu dear goes to his father's office and says "Papa, meri paheli shalary.." Lovely!!!

    Thanks for reading my blog :o)

  10. Hey AK ,
    Yup lots of creativity into these ads , given the time frame they have & impact they make is amazing .
    You know my fav ads these days are the job -portals wala , all are good esp the salary making u look small :)
    In my childhood it was Ponds Dream Flower ones where girls go ahead & achieve something & few cadbury ads were damn good .

  11. True Reva,
    The monster ad 'Caught in the wrong job' is very impressive. Do you remember a cadbury ad where a cricket match is happening and on hitting a six, his girl friend runs and dances in the cricket field :o)

  12. another good one is that candy ad (dun remember which one...guess getting old now to forget a candy ad..)
    where a boy makes fool of this really annoying car-driver while he asks if the bumper of his car is
    hitting a goes like..
    "abe y lag riya hai kya...?" .. and the kid replies "nahin.."...until it finally hits
    and the naughty kid exclaims "ab lag gaya..." he was one bakar-kid....

  13. check this out guys...a bit lengthy...

  14. well, this is the id...sorry for the misspelt letter..

  15. In this sentence,
    "You and I, in this beautiful road.."

    I think its beautiful World, not Road :)


  16. u njoyed the visuals of hutch dog heina...ur wrds express it all
    So...who is kid now ???!!!

  17. wht postings...din u chk out the link i posted...

  18. and how do u think it was his girlfrn..?:).. i remember although the guy hiding his face behind his gloves...cadbury ads were good...but for this new amitabh bachchan's ....
    and i liked that rahul's sansui ad..although there was no sense in the ad and the content...but still i like that "lo ban gaye kaptaan..."...

  19. AK, all your blogs are awesome..... the best part being all of them have varied subjects and since they are all non-stereotyped and non-monotonous, they all make very interesting articles....Great job yaar :o)

    * Advertising is an awesome field, no wonder the creative-brains behind all the wonderful ads get paid heavily for those critical few seconds of the ads that get air'd, which decide the fate of the products and the companies.

    Lintas, Ogilvy n Mather (O & M), Mcann Erickson are some of the best advertising agencies who are behind most of the great ads.

    * "Storyboard" on CNBC is a good programme that talk about whats going on in the advertising world, the strategies and their analysis involved in an ad, influence of specific ads on the consumers, latest campaigns and above all this behind the scenes of the ad and marketing world ......Anuradha Sengupta the host of this show adds charm to this program.

    "All About Ads" on NDTV is another such good program.....

    These prgms are really worth-a-watch......

    * Though we like the ads for various reasons, "A great ad is an ad that generates great sales" says Alyque Padamsee, the ad-guru and head of the agency Lintas and the brains behind the Liril ad, creator of the character "Lalitaji" of surf ad that revolutionized the indian-ad market during those days, Cherry Blossom's Charlie Chaplin.....there's lot more to talk about this great personality (it can be another blog altogether :o)

    * Even Radios, Magazines, papers are properly being utilized as the media, lotsa good advertisements come up here too apart from what we see on TVs.....

    Brand-equity the supplement with economic-times gives lotsa insights into the advertising, marketing and media world.

    Some of my personal favourites :

    (1) Mastercard's priceless advertisement series (The term "Priceless" has been trademarked by mastercard)
    I like this for the message, subject-relevance, picturization and character-selection..........

    > "Tickets for two to somewhere in the mountains : Rs.7500 ; Being out of reach : Priceless"
    > "Flying the kids on a vacation to goa : Rs.38000; An album full of memories : Priceless"
    > "Tickets to the amusement part : Rs.(i don't remember how much this was :o) ; Watching your parents become children again : Priceless"

    "There are some things money can't buy, for everything else there is mastercard"

    Hatsoff to the creative-genius who's framed the mastercard caption.

    (2) "Make hay while the sun shines".....this one-liner was used for a company which is making good business in the solar-heaters.....what an idea to fit this line for the perfect business that it could fit for.....isn't it ?

    (3) Airtel-Express yourself,
    Say yes, Say no....Say something, Say nothing.....Inspire, Conspire....Confess, Celebrate.....Negotiate, Speak up....Speak out, Be heard
    Express Yourself - AIRTEL
    The black-n-white videos, Rehman's contemporary music, perfect fit of a slide to describe each of these expressions, all of these add to the beauty of this wonder its expressed so very-well :o)

    (4) All the india-tourism ads from various states that are coming up these days.....ofcourse the nature and the bful places add charm for these ads......

    Lot more to add to these, but i think its already become a huge-comment, i better stop here :o)

  20. @Kishore,
    That was a late night post withy sleepy eyes, I had done even terrible mistakes, but this one escaped correction. Thanks for pointing out.

    @Prabhu Aryan

    Sorry man, quite busy these days, not getting enough time to post or check comments!!! Sob... sob...

    I am impressed!!! Looks like a whole lotta research done. Good job, keep it up :o)

    Thanks :o)

  21. Not to forget these good ones too :o)

    > Asian Paints:
    "Yeh Chintu aur meri favorite wall hain"... "Blowwwn nahin Naani, Choooocolate.....Kyun ki humein chocolate bahut pasand hain..."....
    "Har rang mein chhupi ek kahani hain.....Asian Paints........Har ghar kuch kehta hain...."
    The cute-kids, their cute-mom and their cuter-granny are well-characterized......

    > Chocolibee:
    In which the little-bro plays a trick to be injured to get a game for his counterpart-really-injured-bro and gets a chocolibee from him in return :o)

    > AirDeccan-Kingfisher
    Ponappa's cartoon in the recent TOI edition, where the air-deccan log with 2 palms spread is now shown with the engagement-ring with KF embedded on it, after the merge :o)

  22. Interesting personality. I have seen ppl liking the Ads, but not the one sitting infront of TV just to see the ADS...:-) :-)...
    But as u said effort of many ppl behind the screen like creativity in many areas like photography,music some times brings gr8 pleasure...

  23. @Vijay,
    Yes, they are really good ones. I like HSBC ads also, different people different thoughts, one girl buys a new jeans which is full of cuts, which is a fashion, mom sees it and starts stitching it :o)

    Thanks you :o) Still that mentality of mine has not changed you know, people change channel during breaks to get rid of ads, I change channel when the serial or movie starts so that I can watch ads in some other channel ;o) Thanks for the pic appreiation :o)

  24. Yeah the HSBC ads are quite good......especially the jeans one u mentioned......

    "Different points of view, make the world go around
    what's your point of view ? "

    More HSBC ads with this subject @