Its all about perception ;o)

Perception... Whats this? The way YOU see and understand the things says the Oxford Dictionary. It has been the most intriguing part of human mind for me from my childhood and still it tops :o)

When I first heard/read Ramayana, the usual perception of the mass is that Rama is the avatar of God, he is the saviour of good, he is hailed as the ideal man and what not. According to it he left his wife for the sake of his praja and kingdom. The story goes something like this, during their exile, Ravana kidnaps Sita and captivates her. Its only when Rama kills Ravana in the war he brings back Sita. They finish their exile and come back to Ayodhya. Soon there will be murmurs about Sita being in Ravana's captivation is unpure. Under the pressure of his praja Rama banishes Sita to the forest. Sita was fully pregnant that time. Whatever is the reason no one can justify sending a pregnant and helpless woman to forest. If so why didn't he go with her? If we take Sita's perception, she knows she is pure. For her, her husband left her for the sake of wellbeing of his praja. But was he the only child to his parents? If not he, there were three more successors to the throne, Sita had only one husband!!!

Samething about Siddhartha a.k.a Bhagvan Buddha. He sees sick man, a corpse and a monk and renounces familial bonds. He leaves his wife and son in the middle of the night and leaves secreatly. Later he became the biggest monk who founded Buddhism which is very respectfully followed. What might have been the perception of Yashodhara??? Her husband left her for no fault of hers. Afterall all those were part of life. That was not the age when a lady can say "Big deal!!! I earn my own living!!!" That was still the age when woman was recognised as x's daughter, y's wife and z's mother!!! How much agony and humiliation she might have gone through!!!

Not that I am advocating against Rama or Buddha, but when I think plainly as a woman, it pains to visualise a fully pregnant woman leaving for the forest, dejected, unhappy and hurt. Its very painful to visualise a woman, getting up in the morning and realising her husband has left her!!!

All I am trying to convey is perception matters, if somebody says Rama is God, thats his perception, if somebody says Buddha as not brave, its his perception... Reality might be completely different, beyond anybody's perception!!!
When I see any movie, having a hero, heroine and a baddie, how desperately I feel to direct another movie but this time in baddie's view. This time our hero might turn baddie and our baddie might become a hero!!!

Now I have realised the worth of this small word, now if a friend says his girl friend ditched him, my heart says ttcch, he is a victim, my mind says "wait, get the complete story!!", if somebody tells her in-laws trouble her, possibly her in-laws might feel the same too!! Its the usual perception at the developers that the manager does nothing, but just checks mails!!! Only when you become a manager you understand its better banging your head with the obidient computers than with the not-so-obidient humans!!! May be a manager think is better off being a developer, sit in the corner, code and then go home, than to be answerable to so many people both from top and the bottom ;o)

"You see only what you wanna see, you listen only what you wanna listen,you feel only what you wanna feel"

How True!!!


  1. If we try to figure out Buddha's perception it might be true that Yashodhara would have nagged Buddha big time, prompting Buddha to figure out an escape route by running away from home. Unfortunately for Buddha, Yashodhara didn't leave him even then, and she became a buddhist monk soon after buddha's enlightment. Now I know why Buddha accpeted the hindu belief of karma and rebirth but not Moksha. Poor guy never achieved Moksha in his life :-)

  2. Ha Ha Ha!!! I couldn't stop laughing seeing your comment. You gave a funny perspective to my serious post. WOW!!!

  3. As you rightly said, Perception is the way one sees things and make them in apprehension to their mind. I dont want to talk about the justfication behind Rama leaving Sita for the well being of its people (??) or Budha leaving his wife in search of Enlightenment. But yes I feel strongly that Perception gives this society foresighting and the power to make decisions. Perception helps people shape their thoughts. Jameshedji Tata brought industrial revolution in India. That was because he perceived India as an economical power. A judge punishes a criminal. That is because he perceives the crimimal as a wrong-dooer (may be from criminal's perspective he is right because he did the crime for his family). The important thing out here is how well we can align our perceptions for the betterment of our own selves, for the betterment of our immediate surrounding (which includes our family) and for our society.
    As one says
    Allign your thoughts to the surrounding and your percption gets convered into a character .

  4. Very Interesting Perception... You have all ingredients to be Succesful Motivational Speaker..

  5. the story goes that..once rama organised a yajna(some big one and once in a lifetime types..) he could not perform the yajna alone and his wife had to be there alongside...but sita was on exile...people persuaded him to marry again and this was the one time when he went against the praja and the legend has it that the ceremony had to be performed with a golden idol of sita....this in no way goes about vindicating the idea of sita's exile....but this is about ram's unquestioned devotion to we are better-off not commenting on the situation as we may not appreciate(know) the whole picture...these were larger than life...vis "perfect" beings and knew what they ideal that sita embodies thus, is that of selflessness and sacrifice which is exactly why she has captured the imagination of the whole of india who respects and deifies may not be advisable in everyday life to embrace such extreme conduct but yes the ideal is sure far as the story in question goes, they say that the divine couple was united in another anyway its a happy ending..:)..change and difference is the essence of the world and not all can have the same view on things..but i reckon, there are some objective ideas on which there can not be a scope of difference of opinion...and thats a good one @ prabhu who do u think are the siddhartha-yashodhara couple in present day wrld..:)

  6. @up
    Present day equivalent to Siddhartha and Yashodara has to be David Beckham and Victoria Beckham.

    Have you ever noticed how much effort David Beckhm used to put in changing his hairstyle? Ever wondered why? Well here is the insider story. David used to do this hoping that one day Victoria will stop recognizing him and he would be a free man? But his luck never favored him and our mordern Yashodhara aka Victoria used to identify him every time.

    Then he came up with a master plan and moved from England to Spain but still no success.

    These days he has given up all his hopes and is roaming around, imitating Salman Khan's Tere Naam style, with his head shaved. According to his close friends his shaved head indicates the mental torture he has gone under the hands of mordern Yashodhara and the state of hopelesseness and helplessness he is experiencing.

    Last heard, in his effort to escape from Victoria, he has come up with a last ditch plan to run away from Europe and move to LA. Lets all join our hands and pray to god that he succeeds in his endeavour this time.

    PS : Now you may ask why David and Victoria and why not Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton ... there is a totally diff reason behind that. Will analyse it some other time :-)

  7. Another Blog is pending from u this week... [:)]

  8. @akshatha...well...what happened..u not active these days...

  9. @well wisher,
    Thats exactly what is perception, very well written :o) You added more meaning to my post.

    Thanks buddy, I am so glad that I do have an alternate career ;o)

    I am dumbstruck. It would be unquestioned devotion if Rama were to follow Sita during exile, to be with her when she was going through the extreme pain. Marriage is such an institution which signifies commitment towards the spouse in both good and bad conditions. Sapthapadi, a ritual of Hindu marriage emphasises on these essense of love, commitment, togetherness and what not. Happy ending??? Sita went into Bhoodevi rejecting Raama!!! Another world!!! I really don't know how to respond!!! Be it God or be it human, he is "perfect" who fulfills their promises.

    @Prabhu Bhaktha,
    AWESOME!!! Wish Victoria and David see this blog. Wish David gets his much deserved Moksha!!!

  10. Hey AK ,
    Good Post . Read it today . Well understanding other's perpective would make us live more peacefully i guess.

    Hey Prabhu Bhakta
    Awesome Man!Well I have a thot I think Victoria would be nagging David so much that he must be pulling his hair out & that leads to the new Beckham hairdo. My perspective of Beckham's ever changing hairdo's ;)

  11. @akshatha

    See! You say I gave more meaning to your blog... Thats again a Perception.

  12. @akshatha

    i think your last post was pretty negate the idea of diffetent perceptions...anyways i reckon you got my message wrong..but do chill out...nice blogging..

  13. Well said Akshatha...
    Even I am totally against Rama in this case, but I don't believe in Ramayana and Mahabharat completely..:-). Anyway main theme of ur post about one's perception makes one to sit back and think twice about how does he/she look at the things...
    U can start "Art of Living" at ur Office :-)

  14. @Reva,
    Thanks dear!!! True, only when we keep ourselves in other's shoes life would be lot more meaningful :o)

    @Well wisher
    Cool, that was a nice point :o)

    There is always 3 kind of perceptions, yours, mine and the right one ;o) From yours and mine we reach "right one" only when we discuss. Please do write in your inputs without any hesitation, I welcome it with a warm smile :o)

    Thanks man!!! So will you be a partner if I start "Art of Living"!!!??? ;o)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for all the inputs :o)

  15. thats the spirit of it...much better than the scolding you ushered on me after the earlier post...:)

  16. Why not? Definitely !!!!!But u have to be counsellor, not me :-).Will be at back stage.

    But where will u start "art of living ?"
    At ur office ? or At my office ?
    or At our office ??? :-0)

  17. Personal comments about RAMA and BUDDHA -
    with great power comes great responsibilities :)
    Without sacrifices(by individual or many) such great things cannot be achieved.
    Its not that the thought came to Buddhas mind and he immie'ly decided to leave in the middle of the night.. He might have thought abt everything for days together.
    It might have been veeeeerrrrrrry tough decision..
    same applies to RAMA.

    Its just not Perception its Circumstances also..... Reasoning behind the perception

    If u plan to direct a movie from baddies viewpoint who is going to watch it?(argument made keeping market in mind)

    Akshatha the blog is well written.
    curious to know wats fully pregnant?

  18. @UP,
    :-O that sounded as scoldings!!! Sorry then :o) But I expect your unbiased comments anytime :o)

    I am a "Vishwa kutumbi", there is nothing called your world - my world, the whole world is mine, all the people are mine... [Hope I qualified in the interview ;o)]

    I would have really appreciated if the sacrifice was more on their part than their wife's. If he were to choose wife over power, I would have saluted him, because his brothers were equally capabable as himself to take care of such great power!!! Be it marriage or throne both comes with equally important responsibilties. Samething about Buddha!!! What reasoning you are giving is your perception, your imagination as what would have happened, the truth is beyond me or you!!!

    If were to direct a movie in baddie's view will he ever look baddie in that movie??? Give a thought about it, it will be a typical hero oriented movie again but only the roles would have swapped. Think think think :o)

    Thanks for visiting my blog :o)

  19. i partly agree with was like some kind of a responsibility for buddha and rama...i mean it may have been difficult...and about rama, well keeping in view that sita was week and alone and in need of help, it would have been another very difficult decision...not within the realms of action for normal human beings..
    @akshatha..i sincerely think rama did not do that for sake of a position or power...may be he thought that he was the most suited for the throne and it wud be injustice to the junta to abandon it yet another time.... well, it was injustice to sita in the end, i agree....none can deny that....its realy difficult to say anything conclusively on this matter...but one hopes that such difficult options not arise in one's life...anyways none of us is as big a personality as rama and the choice wud not be that difficult for us.....but one comment..i dun think sita rejected rama whie she embraced the earthly-mother..she quit the wordly life...rama had said that he had no doubt over sita's purity before everybody....but in the end one feels for the princess-queen and salutes her...and hopes none have to face such rigours in life...

  20. Hi Akshatha :)
    The sacrifice is very much from RAMA (also from SITA)when he had to decide that his faithful, pure, beautiful, .... wat not ...better half has to stay away from him. Who(married) wants his wife to stay from him?
    Its biggest sacrifice.

    u say the truth is beyond you and me... then this makes me think- how did u conclude that Buddha was cold hearted to leave his family and king's life and had no sacrifice to be make?

    About directing a baddie's view movie:- do want to say that u will porject Osama as hero justifying all his actions and thoguht!!!!!! and people(except jehads) will accept it.
    or for that matter(Sunday i watched Sholey for nth time) u will show Gabbar intentions of looting the villagers and killing Thakur family are all good!!!

    Quote from System Architect: BAD(hackers:)) is better than GOOD :)

    From ages its seen that women has always supported man to perform his social duties even when she had to compromise on personal and family interests and this one the many reasons that Women in India is highly respected and worshiped.

    uuuuuffffffffff ... tired ... :)

    Akshata one personal question. When did u develop this perception? :)

  21. The story of Siddhartha is different.
    the state of mind when a person is in Viragya is completely different.
    Everything reminds pain, beautiful wife, or lovely child, everybody going to die one day, that thought of vanishing one day scares a person soo much that he can/will do anything for answers/reason or realization.
    Viragya is completely different state of mind, I don't say it is powerful. I just say it makes everything else powerless, unimportant.

    About Rama I agree, no matter what the perception is, I don't like him who dumb his wife in forest, because some idiot said something about his wife.

  22. i think rama could have left with sita...

  23. @UP,
    Talking of responsibilities, marriage also bring in responsibilities where the guy promises to keep his wife safe and happy through out his life. I have no qualms about Rama and Buddha having done so much good to the society, they are great. When Rama was in excile for 14 years its Bharatha who took care of Junta. So even if Rama were to leave for the sake of Sita again, Bharatha or Shatrugna anyone would have ascended the throne. He was not the only option.

    :o) Biggest sacrifice!!! Certainly not, the sacrifice was more from Sita's side. When Rama was about to go for excile for 14 years, there was no need for Sita to go with him. She was a princess, she married to a royal man. But she chose to go with her husband dutifully and happily. Then why can't Rama go when his wife needed him the most?? Can you visualise a pregnant woman walking on in the jungle, dejected, suffering each and every moment in pain??? If you ever have a pregnant woman at home, pls observe her carefully, you will know how painful it is to be pregnant.

    Conclude!!! Did you ever come across a word like that in my post!!! I am not God to conclude things which I have not seen. Its my perception about people and I derive it from the facts. Buddha is great, no doubt, few of his principles even I follow whole heartedly. If he really wanted to be a saint, he could have done it well before marriage, before having a kid.

    Coming to Baddie's point!!! How many movies are made on a real incident!!! 1 out hundred!!! Osama is a killer for sure, we know it, whats the point in making a movie on him? Think of the rest 99 out of hundred movies which comes with an imaginary plot, imaginery character, here the hero is a hero because the writer chose to look from his point of view. Not every movie comes with the killing theme, there are lots of movies where there is not a single drop of blood, but still there are heroes and villains!!!

    Indian women have done lots of sacrifices, she might have been respected and worshipped, but all that women want is not the respect or the worship, its the tender love, its the "you too human, you too have life" kinda treatment. If the worship and respect were to be THE point why do you think the women want to brak free!!! Indian woman for that matter has not changed, she still want to see her people happy, she still wants to make sacrifices but then she also wants to breathe, to be cared, to be loved, to be understood...

    Well I don't know about Vairagya. I just feel we all are born with certain purpose. There are some by-birth responsibilities and there are some we embrace. For me the great guy is one who fulfills all his responsibities, what if he is not Rama and what if he is not Buddha!!!

    Guys, thanks for all the thoughts, they really brought a very good discussion. One point I want to make very clear is that I am neither against Rama not Buddha, my post is not to decide who is right who is wrong. My post was just about the perception, a question as why Ramayana is ramayana, why not Sitayana or Laxmnayana or Bharathayana though they all did considerable sacrifies, larger than life actions!!!

  24. in my last post, I wrote it that perhaps rama could have left with sita for the exile....but i agree wth krypton-guy in that buddha could not have done any better.....rama still led a social he may have lived with sita....i agree...i dunno why he chose otherwise.....and why it was called ramayana..coz he was the lord, the god..and it could have been sitayana...coz she was also a deity...and performed great sacrifices...but its a man-centered society..may be thats why...m in a bit hurry now...shall continue later...bye all and thanks akshatha for the post,,,

  25. :-)...After reading ur answer, I changed my perception of my own question...Good answer :-).let me also try to become Vishwa Kutumbhi ....
    (Time bandaga original perception gottagutte bidi...)

  26. mmm...longtime thought abt tis and no time 2 reply...

    sometimes even perception tells something is gud or evil...

    Here Goes...

    Good and evil does not exist. At a fundamental level, there is really no good and evil in the universe. Everything just is. It is perception that frames reality. Good and evil is based on perception. Therefore the perception of good and evil depends on the one perceiving it. If you perceive something as good, then to you it is good. If you perceive something as evil, then to you it is evil. We can choose our own frame of reality or we can choose to follow the frame set by another in his perception of good and evil.

    Good and evil is a judgment. To consider something better than or worse than is a judgment. Evil is something of inferior quality compared to something better, therefore a lesser good is considered evil when compared with a greater good. When there is no judgment, there is no consideration of something being better or worse than another. Everything is accepted equally as it is. Judgment creates separation of one thing with another whereas non judgment sees the oneness and equality of all things.

    When you see from a place of non judgment, one thing is not considered to be better or worse than another, but it is just different. Therefore all things can be experienced for the uniqueness and variety that they provide. In order to define what is, we have to know what it is not. Therefore light and darkness define each other while good and evil define each other. We cannot define the quality and quantity of a thing unless we compare it with a different quality and quantity of itself. But all is worth experiencing.

    What can be considered good or evil in the universe is whether it satisfies the needs of all or not. We are all one body with many cells. If one cell takes too much resources for itself and influences those around it to do the same, soon there will be an imbalance which causes the entire body to perish along with it. If one cell sacrifices its own needs for others and causes those around it to do the same, the same imbalance will result and the entire body will perish along with it as well.

    Therefore caring for oneself and caring for others is ultimately the same. We are all one being. Our true self is not our individual selves but it is the self of all. We and others are the same. If we truly want to take care of others, we must take care of ourselves as well. If we truly want to take care of our selves, we must take care of others as well. The evil we do to others is the evil we do to ourselves and the good we do to ourselves is the good we do to others. Therefore our best is the greatest good of all.