Devil's Workshop ;o)

Do you press '0' in your home land line and waits for a dial tone???

Do you keep your keys somewhere and wish, if I were to give a ring to it!!!???

Do you curse for not having a "Find" option in your book???

Do you commit a mistake and then ask God why there is no Ctrl-Z in life???

If your answer to all the above questions is NO, then what are you doing here???!!! Press Alt-F4, go back to whatever you were doing. God Bless, you guys are going to be happy no matter what!!!

But if your answer to any of the above questions is TRUE, then welcome to the gang!!! Ever wondered what influence these fascinating gadgets have on our lives??? I dared once, and I dare not twice ;o) Once I misplaced my home key and searched like hell to locate it. I couldn't help but say "Wish I were to give a ring to it". This bad habbit I got after misplacing my cell phone several times and asking my friends to give a call to it. The poor thing raises its hand and tells "Yesss Missss".

Reading books is one of the oldest hobbies, thought atleast I am spared there, but nooo!!! The virus attacks there too. Even while reading an interesting book, I wish if there were to be a "Find" button to go to the exact scene which my friend narrated and told me this is the must buy book.

All is fun!!! But there is flip side tooo!!! Can't explain the dependancy we have on these gadgets. I can't even remember a single phone number, anyways its stored right??? Can't recollect my best friend's Birthday, anyways there is a reminder right??? Can't do a simple 354 + 652 without a calci!!! Oh you too are looking at your calci!!!

:o) Now you must be wondering the intent of this post right??? To be very frank nothing, bought a wireless key board and mouse set. Couldn't resist the templation to use them. The only thing I wish now is, "There should have been a facility to ring my mouse, what if I misplace it"



  1. Well... Well... Well.... Did I get into ur mind and write this blog? [:)] The other day, in a hurry to get into the wash room i threw my car key in my living room and literally spent an hour to locate it back, which was lying near to my iPOD next to the TV. I wondered how convenient it wud have been if there was a locator to locate the Key. But that can get into a recursive loop if u need a locator for a locator. Some times i throw my 'data cable' both of Phone as well as iPOD and wonder in a loop 'where the heck did it go'? I think there is a potential opportunity for a Technopreneur amongst us, to relieve rest of us from this PAIN [:D] and make a good Business out of the solution.. I wonder if RFID can be a soln.. [:)]Lately as more and more B-schools started offering Entrepreneur centered courses (and some exclusively for women), and VC community begging for ideas to invest in, this definitely could be a Next Killer App! Just couple of years back when i drove my fourth hand late 80s model ugly looking TOYOTA CAMRY V6 into SFO Airport Multi-storeyed parking lot, little did i realise it wud be hell of a pain to locate the same to drive back home @ 2AM. First I forgot the floor on which i parked, added to that i didnot remember any mark where i parked the same. To make the things worse, i didnot have buzzer with the car. One happier moment was, there were other cars which were much worse than mine and mine had a great number 2WEB489. It took almost an hour to locate the same. Coming back to the post, I infer being a gadget freak and an gadget addict makes one more un-disciplined inspite of the fact that they try to make u more efficient.. Isnt it.. [:)] Incidentally one observation i have made is being a capricorn, other capricorns are equally messed up.. But there are contradictions like Dhirubhai, Rathan Tata, Dravid who have been great leaders [Dravid i question]. One cannot become a great leader if one is ill-disciplined... Aks - dont curse if this comment is bigger than the post itself... [:)] My 2 cents of thoughts

  2. @ Aks, BTW nice going... [:)]

  3. One day when i reached home, i showed the plastic to the door, instead of using the key.

  4. Hey ,
    How true ! Dialling 0 in my home landline & asking auto driver as to which path he is taking instead of which route/road is what i commonly do .
    Devils workshop indeed :).
    Well written !

  5. @all,

    Thanks a lot for jotting down all your experiences.

    Once I told my friend to shutdown the umbrella, since the rain had stopped ;o)

  6. Took a while to make out the word "shutdown" in the post [:D].. I guess "BROWSING" channels on TV is quiet similar........

  7. Amazing !!! Out of your 4 ?s in this blog, I had 3 answers as yes, missed out on the "find feature while reading a book" since I don't read much books.
    I must say, apart from having a great writing ability you do have mind reading abilities as well :)

    My favorite one's are CTRL+Z and Giving a ring to anything thats lost, I use those phrases a lot :)

  8. @Raj,
    Your comment is better than my blog man ;o) One request , please don't invent anything like a locator. We are already half handicapped now, with the advent of more facilities, no doubt we will be completely handicapped. Too much comfort spoils the man ;o)

    I share this experience too, I did it once in Shopper's stop ;o) and 2-3 people gave a KNOWN grin.

    Ha ha did the auto driver ask you to put Shortest Path Algorithm?

    Thanks buddy. No, No, I don't have any mind reading abilities but jotted down the behaviour of a typical SW Engineer :o)

    Once I was late to get out of office and was tired like hell. Once I reached home, went straight near the watchman, opened my bag showed it to him and started to move. Poor thing, stood there stunned!!! Only after getting into the lift I realised and whole night I was laughing, thinking at the plight of our poor watchman.

  9. - A WELL WISHERMay 5, 2007 at 9:27 PM

    This is my first comment in your blog. You can call me a well wisher or a true friend (whatever you are comfortable with).
    I have seen you since years and I have admired you as a person who is very calm and serene, one who likes doing things the in the most simplest ways. Why complicating our life with these complex gadgets. What fun would there be in life with the existence of Control-Z button? Would life remain all that exciting if on a Adventurous/Exploratory expedition you have a gadget that gives you the Shortest Path Algorithm. I guess NO :0)

  10. @Well Wisher,

    Thanks a lot :o) I completely agree with you. Look at my previous comment, it has almost left us handicapped. Now I have reduced my dependancy on these gadgets, though I get blastings from my friends for poor cellular mannerisms. Atleast I remember 8-10 phone numbers, can do atleast simple math ;o) Feels good you know.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :o) and writing all those good things about me.

  11. - A WELL WISHERMay 5, 2007 at 9:55 PM

    - The Pleasure is Here, Mam

  12. Oh Really? You made my week... THANKS! [:)].. Readers of this thread, have a great week ahead!

  13. you can add auto spelling correction to the list.

    btw what is the spelling of ARowplane ? the one which fly's.

  14. Well.. Nice post.. Its very much a known fact, inspite of that is there anyone who has changed? Who has stopped using all the techno stuff which is around to make our lives much efficient and confortable!!??NO and it doesnt seem to be happening.. There is always a flip side to everything.. I believe we as individuals have to set our limits..Thats the only possible and plausible solution to the ever increasing use of technology!

  15. Hey Manoi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

    You asked who has changed, I say I HAVE CHANGED. Realizing such known fact does not necessarily mean to denounce them, but we can minimise it as much as possible right? These gadgets made things efficient and convninient is only one side of the coin, it made us (humans) inefficient, dependant and lazy is the other side of it. Now I don't rely on my cell for giving me a reminder, I don't use my cell for doing calculations, I try to do it on my own. Feels so good about yourself you know :o)

  16. Hmmm..If you notice, i made a generalised comment.. Glad to know you have changed yourself..But the point which i wanna stress is its not gonna happen (for sure i can bet on that) on all fronts..We can just pray that ppl become realise the shortcomings of the overuse of technology! AMEN! :)

  17. Correction :people realise*

  18. But if your answer to any of the above questions is TRUE...

    Hmm, guess you are a 'C' programmer. (:P)
    YES would have been a better word, i guess. So, I would like to add one more question in the list

    Do you use 'C' syntax for writing a paragraph in English?

  19. 8-10 phone numbers... thats impressive..i can remember only 2 beside my own number....

  20. Hey Utkarsh,

    Thanks, in fact you too can remember as many as you want the day when you rip off the dependancy with these gadgets :o)

  21. tell you, i am actually too lazy to be overdependent on these gadgets..who has the will to learnt abt. all their fact that borders to being embarassing at times...:)

  22. Ha Ha! That was awesome! I could not stop grinning as I answered "yes" to each of those questions.

    That reminds me of one of my friends. One fine morning, he came to office and held his "Id" at the door and kept wondering why the hell it would not open. Those were the days of recession and dot com bursts and he would have had his thoughts or two!

    Then he realized that he was holding his cell phone at the door and his Id was still in his pocket!!

    I have had my share of experiences too..

    On one of those mornings just last week, as I was rushing to work, I felt a void. I was about to leave home without my cell...sacrilege! With 2 mins to spare I took the land-line phone, called my cell and went around the house. I heard faint rings and I looked everywhere under the bed, books, papers...
    no mobile only ringing...and it appeared to follow me wherever I go.

    Then I realized I had kept the phone in my bag the previous night, so that I do not forget it,
    and I was wearing the bag!

  23. @Prady,
    Ha Ha Ha!!! In fact I visualised you doing that and ROTFL ;o) Wow, too good.