Kya Aap Close up Karthen haiinnn!!!

Who doesn't know the magic this ad did!!! Still I wonder what made this ad click?? The guy with all curly hairdo or the nasal singing of "Kya aap close up karthen haiiinnn!!!" This ad became so very popular that so many versions of it came out, was a hot favourite in forwards, many people changed its lyrics to suite their funny situations....

I am the crazy fan of ads from the days when I used to think I was bought by mom for a KG of rice ;o) I used to watch cricket for the sole reason of new ads. More number of ads more happy me!!! Even today I can watch the same movie or serial nth time for the ads pouring in between!!! These days I am in awe for ads as they are at their creative best. WOW!!! SUPERB!!! Some are funny, some are witty, some are melodious, some are pathetically worth-watching for its stupid content. Whatever it is, I LOVE ADS :o) Here are some of the creative ads which are my personal favourites.

1. Happy Dent white => This is an amazing ad by Prasoon Joshi, almost till the end of this ad I was clueless of whats happening, very moment the guy hangs from chandelier and smiles, all the secret unfolds. This is the most creative ad I have ever seen. Imagine this, in a scene where prospectus girl's father asks guy whats your job, the guy says I am the chief lamp of the chandelier!!!

2. Fevicol => Fevicol ads are my altime favourites. They are very witty. Be it the egg one or the TV one. They have always maintained their creativity. One which I loved the most was the Rajastani ad where a mother will be cooking having a small baby besides, baby being restless keeps running. Witty mother places child over the fevicol container :o)

3. Motorola W220 ads => ok no bias here. The ads of this phone were very interesting. Be it the parents ad or the office one. In parents ad, parents suspect their son doing something un-do-able having proof what looks as an expensive phone. In the office ad, collegue and the boss suspect him for missing money for the same reason. This guy who owns w220 phone in the ad has given ultimate expressions as what to say now!!!

4. SBI ads => These ads were extremely refreshing, very humerous. One favourite in this series is the one where a guy bets with his friend over a SBI product (don't remember properly now :o( ) looses it to get his legs waxed!!! Its hilarious to see the guy screaming over the top of his voice when his legs are getting waxed. Other one is the papad belna, where a husband and wife bets on SBI and husband looses only to roll papads :o) One ad from this series is here,

5. You and I, in this beautiful road... => One of the beautiful ads. It has the melodious song, cute guy and a cutie cutie cutie doggy, chooooooo chweeeeeeeet!!! The best scenes were when the doggy baby tries to cross a wooden hurdle, when it slips on the steps and they way it sleeps with its legs facing sky, chooooooo chweeeeeeet :o)

When it comes to ads, Amul ads needs a special mention. Any big news, Amul is ready with its witty funny version of cartoonising it. In fact there are lots, but then it would become an endless post :o) Hope you enjoyed watching these ads as I did :o)

Its all about perception ;o)

Perception... Whats this? The way YOU see and understand the things says the Oxford Dictionary. It has been the most intriguing part of human mind for me from my childhood and still it tops :o)

When I first heard/read Ramayana, the usual perception of the mass is that Rama is the avatar of God, he is the saviour of good, he is hailed as the ideal man and what not. According to it he left his wife for the sake of his praja and kingdom. The story goes something like this, during their exile, Ravana kidnaps Sita and captivates her. Its only when Rama kills Ravana in the war he brings back Sita. They finish their exile and come back to Ayodhya. Soon there will be murmurs about Sita being in Ravana's captivation is unpure. Under the pressure of his praja Rama banishes Sita to the forest. Sita was fully pregnant that time. Whatever is the reason no one can justify sending a pregnant and helpless woman to forest. If so why didn't he go with her? If we take Sita's perception, she knows she is pure. For her, her husband left her for the sake of wellbeing of his praja. But was he the only child to his parents? If not he, there were three more successors to the throne, Sita had only one husband!!!

Samething about Siddhartha a.k.a Bhagvan Buddha. He sees sick man, a corpse and a monk and renounces familial bonds. He leaves his wife and son in the middle of the night and leaves secreatly. Later he became the biggest monk who founded Buddhism which is very respectfully followed. What might have been the perception of Yashodhara??? Her husband left her for no fault of hers. Afterall all those were part of life. That was not the age when a lady can say "Big deal!!! I earn my own living!!!" That was still the age when woman was recognised as x's daughter, y's wife and z's mother!!! How much agony and humiliation she might have gone through!!!

Not that I am advocating against Rama or Buddha, but when I think plainly as a woman, it pains to visualise a fully pregnant woman leaving for the forest, dejected, unhappy and hurt. Its very painful to visualise a woman, getting up in the morning and realising her husband has left her!!!

All I am trying to convey is perception matters, if somebody says Rama is God, thats his perception, if somebody says Buddha as not brave, its his perception... Reality might be completely different, beyond anybody's perception!!!
When I see any movie, having a hero, heroine and a baddie, how desperately I feel to direct another movie but this time in baddie's view. This time our hero might turn baddie and our baddie might become a hero!!!

Now I have realised the worth of this small word, now if a friend says his girl friend ditched him, my heart says ttcch, he is a victim, my mind says "wait, get the complete story!!", if somebody tells her in-laws trouble her, possibly her in-laws might feel the same too!! Its the usual perception at the developers that the manager does nothing, but just checks mails!!! Only when you become a manager you understand its better banging your head with the obidient computers than with the not-so-obidient humans!!! May be a manager think is better off being a developer, sit in the corner, code and then go home, than to be answerable to so many people both from top and the bottom ;o)

"You see only what you wanna see, you listen only what you wanna listen,you feel only what you wanna feel"

How True!!!

"We Value Opportunities Only In Retrospect"

Hema Malini, one of the beautiful woman of Indian Cinema. She amazed me whenever she came on screen, even now. She looks damn beautiful even at this age and can put any present actress to shame with her charm, poise and dignity. How can I forget her 1000W smile which lights up the screen instantly and gives a feeling she is our own.

Apart from her screen image, her personal life was something which I was curious about. Well, ofcourse not for the gossip, but a sheer curiosity to know the life of the person who had been to THE top!!! How was it, was that easy, was that painful, was that lonely at top... so many such questions in the small minds of small people like me.

Came to my help was this book, An Authorised Biography of Hema Malini. She is intelligent enough not to give out too many personal details but yes, I could read about a successful person through her journey. Here are some exceprts...

A child artist makes big in the art, Bharathanatyam and gets quite a few offers to act in the movies, then gets dropped from her maiden project for "Not having such star quality". The rejection prompts her to take out bigger challenges with vengeance and she goes to become the Queen of Indian Cinema. She gets to act in lots of movies and rules the world, marries to a successful co-star and now is a mother of two beautiful daughters. Well, who doesn't know this?

Success surely comes at a price. If you want to have success be ready to pay. Such kind of payments Hema had to make at several instalments. A crazy pakistani fan just to have a glimpse of this beautiful star, waits every day in front of her house. Being turned down by her security personnel, he dares once to jump off the compound and get into Hema's room. The scream of the maid alerts family members and while attempting to call for police Hema's father suffers a diabetic heart attack. For a reason as insignificant as this Hema had to pay a huge price of loosing her father!!!

Another incident may be her marriage with Dharmendra, already a married man with 4 children!!!! Its amusing to see how her parents wonder why there is no alliance for their daughter from a royal blood or a politician or an industrialist. Hema had reached the heights which no ordinary man can reach and somehow there was no proposals from not-so ordinary people. Was it pre-destined that Hema was not attracted to bachelors like Jeetendra or Sanjeev Kumar??? As Hema herself say "That time this was the only option seemed appropriate!!!" This marriage brought lots of pains, criticism & negetive publicity!!!

Any earning person however busy he/she is has to take care of their finances was the lesson Hema learnt very late, only after a financial disaster. The Income Tax office slapped her with a tax of nearly a crore which she was completely unaware of. Being a busy star, she never knew what she earned & what she spent. A star who shined in huge banners with prominent stars for astronomical pay cheques, had to work for B-grade movies just to pay her tax.

Bigger the person, greater is the fall!!! But there are people who still dare to dream, to take life as it comes, to stretch their wings still wider... Hats Off!!! May be now I can understand how she can look so beautiful and dignified even after going through so many disasters. Its the strength from within, to be equally strong at the ups and downs of life. May be its this strength and self worth appears as beauty and may be because of this all successful people look beautiful irrespctive of their real looks!!!

Jaya Chakravarthy needs a special mention, if not she, we wouldn't have had any Hema Malini. The success of Hema partly is because of the support from her family. The same bonding, dedication and conviction can be seen in Hema for her daughters. She is the only actress who kept her passion of dance alive even after becoming a huge star. Though she was a wonderful dancer, every new stage performance used to give her a churning sensation before getting into the stage. As Esha recalls "Sometimes I feel we invaded her creative space for being her kids. I remember telephoning her just seconds before her entry into the stage for insignificant matters like a compass box. How could we be so cruel???". I amaze at how she contains everything within herself and gives out such a radiant smile as if she has been bestowed with all the goodies of life.

Next time when I see a "beautiful" person, I am sure to respect the experiences, the maturity, the worth, the struggle & the courage which brings out that "beauty" in him/her. Success does not come in a day. Every successful person has to undergo all the trials God poses in front of them. May be we are too blinded by their success to see their struggles. As Hema rightly states"We value opportunities only in restrospect!!!". Till we reap the benefits of a struggle everything seems to be a pain, only when it turns positive, we call that was an opportunity!!!

Well, wanted to make it short and sweet, but how can I stop abruptly when the person in discussion has a larger than life persona, if you have read till here, hats off to your patience ;o)

Devil's Workshop ;o)

Do you press '0' in your home land line and waits for a dial tone???

Do you keep your keys somewhere and wish, if I were to give a ring to it!!!???

Do you curse for not having a "Find" option in your book???

Do you commit a mistake and then ask God why there is no Ctrl-Z in life???

If your answer to all the above questions is NO, then what are you doing here???!!! Press Alt-F4, go back to whatever you were doing. God Bless, you guys are going to be happy no matter what!!!

But if your answer to any of the above questions is TRUE, then welcome to the gang!!! Ever wondered what influence these fascinating gadgets have on our lives??? I dared once, and I dare not twice ;o) Once I misplaced my home key and searched like hell to locate it. I couldn't help but say "Wish I were to give a ring to it". This bad habbit I got after misplacing my cell phone several times and asking my friends to give a call to it. The poor thing raises its hand and tells "Yesss Missss".

Reading books is one of the oldest hobbies, thought atleast I am spared there, but nooo!!! The virus attacks there too. Even while reading an interesting book, I wish if there were to be a "Find" button to go to the exact scene which my friend narrated and told me this is the must buy book.

All is fun!!! But there is flip side tooo!!! Can't explain the dependancy we have on these gadgets. I can't even remember a single phone number, anyways its stored right??? Can't recollect my best friend's Birthday, anyways there is a reminder right??? Can't do a simple 354 + 652 without a calci!!! Oh you too are looking at your calci!!!

:o) Now you must be wondering the intent of this post right??? To be very frank nothing, bought a wireless key board and mouse set. Couldn't resist the templation to use them. The only thing I wish now is, "There should have been a facility to ring my mouse, what if I misplace it"