How come people can be so very immature???

Hmmm, wanted to write something good today, but then got disturbed by seeing something... Happened to browse through a Community in Orkut where I am a member. Yes its the "Mungaru Male" community. There I saw a discussion in which a guy very happily says...

I strongly feel that Girls are not brave enuf to unfold their love in front of their parents. Hence its always said "Love is just a chapter in girls life but HISTORY in guys life "

Boss, take a chill pill!!! How many girls have you seen to judge this way??? Are you God or something to get into people's mind and check the bravery quotient???

With the kind of studies, work and responsibilities girls are taking these days I am hardly able to see any difference in the mentality of a guy and girl. There is hardly any difference in feelings, emotions or sufferings in both the catagory, after all both are humans!!! Some people show it, some does not.

I have seen girls going to the end of this world to get the guy they like. Going through all sorts of pains for years to convince their parents. I have even seen guys for whom this is just a timepass activity. But then, there are girls for whom its just fun and there are guys for whom this is the matter of life and death. But can I genaralize it? Akshu, you should be nuts if you gonna do that!!!

What did you say?? he might be uneducated??? Man... He is into Human Resources!!! God save girls who are going to apply to the company where he is the HR!!! Having sucha good education I still don't understand how people can be biased, opinionated and immature!!! If he had any painful experience, my sympathy. But is this an excuse to comment on somebody???

Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Chuck it off... Wanted to write about the books I got today and about the books which are man's best friends. Bought "Blink", The power of thinking without thinking, "What do I do, when I want to do everything"... More about them tomorrow :o)


  1. :) Knowing how strongly you react to a touchy subject like this..abs not surprised at all..and yea by the way, proud of you for standing up against something like this!

  2. Thanks a lot kano. Even I am not surprised, you stand by me like before. Cho Chwweeet putani :o)

  3. :) will always stand by u praani!

  4. Akshatha alias "akshu", A poor guy out of his experience wrote his feelings "WHY ARE YOU GETTING TENSED?...TAKE A CHILL PILL"

    Responding to his feelings in a detailed way indicates that you can invest your time for a constructive purpose.

    Also, your opinions seem to be westernized, kudi...control yaar.

    Footnote: are putting topi to yourself, arre...control yaar!

  5. @Sumanth,
    First, he is not a poor guy who takes liberty of commenting anybody, anything. Second, there is a difference between tension & sheer irritation, mine was latter :o)

    Responding to my post in a detailed way indicates that you can invest your time for a constructive purpose ;o)[I think I have read it somewhere ;o)]

    Finally, my thoughts are as Indian as I am!!! Standing against whats wrong is not westerner's virtue, we Indians excel in it.

    Thanks for the comments anyways buddy :o)

  6. Very well said Akshu! Some men just dont have enough exposure, and I feel sorry for them. I think that guy should meet us lol

  7. Lol!!!... Iru aa hudga yaru antha hudki ninna address kodtheeni :o) Just kidding, yes, these guys must interact with all kinds of girls then only they will realise the worth of girls :o)

  8. This looks more than an article to me...seems you have gone through some experience, which made u react this way...

    Am i correct ?

  9. You don't have to experience everything to know it. I have lotta friends who have gone through such difficult experiences and I know how it feels :o) (Wish I never have to experince one such) Not that I am taking a side for girls, I am talking interms of boths guys and girls. This post was just against the generalisation and NEITHER against guys NOR is an experience :o)

  10. but u din't write a word about the books thereafter....

  11. @Kamath
    No use going GA GA about it without him knowing; did you ever 'try' telling the HR guy your thoughts? Since you feel he is wrong, you need let him know.

  12. @ Utkarsh,

    I am so happy that you rightly pointed out. I will post about them soon :o)

    @ Sumanth,
    Its not try, I DID tell him my thoughts analysing it from the different angle and then how wrong is he for generalising. You can see my response here,

  13. - A WELL WISHERMay 5, 2007 at 9:53 PM

    Blink - The Power of Thinking without Thinking... Great book by Malcolm Gladwll. True sometimes snap judgements can be far more effective then cautious decisions. Enjoy reading this book .. You would truely enjoy it :o).

    I do feel that today's woman carry a lot of substance in them. They stand parallel to we men across all spheres of life. Beleive me, see around see in yourself you will find all reasons to be satisfied. In nutshell, what I mean is please do not get reactive to such posts. As all wise men say - "Strength and Dignity are her clothing and her position is strong and secure. She rejoices over the future--the latter day or time to come. Oh Womanhod! We salute you"

  14. Hey Well Wisher,

    you made my day :o) Thanks a lot. So that establishes my well wisher is a guy :o) One day I would like to know who it was :o)

    I will surely let you know one I read Blink, presently engrossed in two biograghies, one about Kiran Bedi and other about Hema Malini.

  15. My sincere gratitude for the wonderful compliments you have given me.
    Kiran Bedi and Hema Malini - Two women whom I say Epitome of Success in their respective areas of interest. Great going :o)
    Just a small idea:
    Once you read about Kiran Bedi to mention about some of her endeavours in your Blog. She is a real strength generator.... Awaiting your next blog eagerly.

  16. In fact I have composed half my post about Kiran bedi, but I am not getting the picture of hers which I wanted to put in my blog. True, she is the true inspirational person :o)

  17. Aha... Looks like there is an element of sixth sense between us... Interesting.

    Some points to ponder:
    1) Try promoting your blog. Write more and more on topics you relate yourself with .. say for example Womanhood.
    2) Visit lot of other blogs and post comments. Invite them to visit your blog.
    3) Put a reference of your blog in the signature section of your e-mail incase you are not doing it.

    A short note: Please take them as some of my personal suggestions. Ignore them incase you find them void.

  18. Please take the previous comment posted by your well wisher.

  19. Tumba sittinalli Barididira anta Kanutte :-)...????Take it easy :-). As u said, he is not god to generalise about girls, infact about any thing..But I think the one who read ur blog with same perception will not dare to comment like him anymore. Now don't think that I had also same thought...I am totally against generalising things. consider it scolding all auto drivers coz of one driver cheated me or commenting badly saying all Kannada movies are bad, negelecting the good ones :-)...

  20. @Well wisher,
    Thanks a lot!!! In fact when I started this blog, I had no intention of publicising it, then I never thought so many people would visit. But all your ideas were really good :o) Thanks for the encouragement.

    Sittalli alla, sikkapatte irritate agbitte adanna nodi. If it were to be an un-educated fellow may be I would have reacted cool but his qualification drove me nuts (that anyways I am, but still ;o)).

  21. Hmmm, u r right..Being HR person he should have thought twice before making such comments...

  22. is this thread still alive...just curious..if yes, ill post a coupla comments...but not now...feeling tired...shall get 2 bed soon...:)

  23. first of all i really wonder how you are so confident and bold..thats good actually....thrashing somebody on an orkut community..:)...then I feel really confused on this subject of love and confronting the family for it...i have seen people know each other and finally marry.and also seen that not happening...whats the parameter of a genuine relation...i mean the earlier generation are generally skeptikal abt the it mere "habit" or has it some substance to it...i think this confusion and lack of conviction in the idea would stop some people frm. really "carry" their commitment...but then, if they were so unsure, why did they commit on the first place...whatever, i think there is no difference between the boys and girls in approach....