Here I am...

Finally here I am proving my online existance... Though I had created this blog way back in 2006 never got an opportunity to pump life into it. Here comes that moment ;o)

Considering that this is my first post, let me keep it very simple, and light on heart, yours and mine too.... Then how about a review for the movie which remained to be my favourite for past few months, which set a new standard for kannda movies, utilized in-house scenic beauty, introduced soul-warming melodious & meaningful songs.... Oh the list goes on....

Let me start with the first highlight of the movie, the SONGS. After a long time, here comes a movie with amazingly melodious songs with excellent lyrics. If 'anisuthide' potrays strong love of hero, 'araluthiru' does justice to a woman's thinking. If 'mungaru maleye' makes you feel the initial rains, 'kunidu kunidu baare' touches you with its lighter note. Can't help but to hum...

ಅರಳುತಿರು ಜೀವದ ಗೆಳೆಯ, ಸ್ನೇಹದ ಸಿಂಚನದಲ್ಲಿ, ಬಾಡದಿರು ಸ್ನೇಹದ ಹೂವೇ, ಪ್ರೇಮದ ಬಂಧನದಲ್ಲಿ...

The next highlight is the way Coorg and Jog falls are picturized. WOW!!!! I was spell bound, I felt as if I am standing in the rain. Amazing Job!!!

Then comes our Hero, Ganesh or commonly called Comedy Time Ganesha!!! My first thought about the movie was "ಛೇ ಅವ್ನ ಪಿಚ್ಚರ್ ಗೆ ಯಾರು ಹೋಗ್ತಾರೆ!!!" One tight SSSSLLLLLAAAAAAAAAPPPPP!!! Superb acting, or the character itself was too good, never mind, did complete justice to his character and stands tall as an actor... This guy will go a long way... Waiting for his next movie to get released :o)

Ananth Nag, Sanjana Gandhi, both moms are worth a mention. It was a superb effort by the entire team. I am so happy for the movie, its still running housefull, nearing to 100 Days!!! The best part is to see my northie friends to have it as their caller tunes/ ring tones, a few asked me for the translation too... Feels Great!!!


  1. Nice beginnning. Keep it rolling.

  2. Hey AK! Nice to see you here and am glad that you wrote on Mungarumale which has been my personal favorite for quite some time :)

  3. @anonymous
    Thanks for the encouragement!!

    Hey nodidya movie? dec nalli bandagla?

    Thanks kane :o)

  4. @Gopi

    You know the best co-incidence!!! The day when I started the blog and wrote about Mungaru Male, is the day it celebrates 100 DAYS!!! I couldn't stop jumping seeing the news :o) I am happyyyyyyyy.

  5. Hun kane..saw it when I was there in Dec..for couple of my frens, it was the second time already when they saw it with me..And yea, have heard a lot abt northies taking a liking for the movie and songs..way to go alla!

  6. Thats true, some songs are really awesome, especially the lyrics. My personal pick is 'AraLutiru'. Whenever I listen to that song, it reminds me of Gulzar's song 'Humne Dekhi Hai..' from the movie Khamoshi (old movie, 1969 released). I read somewhere that even though Gulzar had written many songs before Khamoshi, this was the movie which gave him the needed break and the rest is history. I guess, Mungaru Male gave Jayant the same break. Till now he was known as a columist, now onwards he will be known also as Lyricist.

  7. True, did we ever dreamt of having such great talents in our film industry? Jayant himself might have not thought he would write something like this one day!!! Who knows how many such talents we do have but are undiscovered!!! Hey send me "Humne Dekhi hain...", if you are talking so much about it, then surely it has something in it ;o)

  8. I don't think I have mp3 of the song. I have audio cassette. Will try to get mp3 file and send you. You may not like the tune (I know u think such songs make u sleep), but listen the lyrics and its a Lata Mangeshkar song, so u can bear the tune also.

  9. Sure Madam :o) If it is Lata and Gulzar then surely is a must to experience .

  10. Hey,

    A gud one....keep it goin.....more mungaaru male blogs....plzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Hey pavan,

    Thanks a lot for reading through my blog. I will surely post more about Mungaru Male :o)

  12. Beladingalina PoornaChandiranige Deepavu Beke ?
    Sarovarada Kamal Huvige Neerereyabeke ?
    Sada nagu mukada Monalisage Nagisabeke ?
    Chalisuva Modagalige Dikku Torisabeke ?
    Sada Hurupininda Bareyuva Nimage Namma Comments Beke ?

    U r already rocking with more n more blogs.Namma hectic schedule ninda odoke agatilla...
    Anyway keep going :-)

  13. Hey Kanti,

    Thanks a lot. A diamond is just a stone, unless it is recognised and valued. A poetry or a book reaches out hundreds only when it is appreciated. For that matter, even Hanuman could cross the ocean only after he was praised. I am just a human ;o)

    Wonderful poetry, neevu comments kottashtu naanu chennagi bareyodakke try madtheeni :o)

  14. :-):-)...
    Ayatri...Nimage navu inspire, namaga nivu inspire maadi ...:-):-). Even I write more quotes when some one comments abt the previous one...But ur blogs are worth reading. Swalpa Kelasa bittu maadi odide ivattu :-)
    Keep in touch...

  15. i hear that song while on cab for office every now and then...and i saw the video i could identify the actors in the pic of ur this song is really very melodious....tu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nan-na-na-nana....tu-nu-nu-nu-nun-nana-na....more of this if you could catch the tune..:)...but plz. write the meaning of the lyrics...i dunno kannada...

  16. @Kanti,
    Thanks :o)

    Sure :o) I am so glad that people are liking the movie and songs very much :o)

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  18. ya..its a nice melody...havent seen the movie (how cud i, as i do not know kannada...:(..) whats the meaning of the mukhada...and wht does mungaru male mean..?

  19. but u havent written the translation of da lyrics till now...:)...utkarsh

  20. @UP,
    Mukha means face. I tried to do the translation a bit, but felt I am doing injustice to it. I stopped. But I will try and do a neat translation so that the essense of the song doesn't get lost, pls bear with the delay :o)

  21. not a problem at all....take your own good time...:)...and thanks for the effort...u seem to be very generous..:)

  22. and ya.."mukha" means face in hindi as well...just like "neer" means water in both the languages..and i have come to know what hudga and hudgi mean as well...after listening to that good song..:)

  23. @UP,
    I tried a lot but couldn't do it properly at all. I felt I am spoiling the song. I am sorry I won't be able to provide you the translation of the songs :o( I love those songs so much that I can't do it :o(