Lage Raho....

This movie needs no introduction. This movie won our hearts, made us think and grabbed lot many awards. Truly deserving!!!

Wonderful performances, beautiful picturization, very good acting, amazing direction, list is almost endless.... but the most intriguing part for me in the movie was its presentation. Its presentation of Gandhiwada or as mentioned in the movie, Gandhigiri. I respect Gandhiji as a freedom fighter who struggled to get freedom to my motherland. But the idealism which he presented was far from what I used to think practical. My immediate reaction would be, "C'mmon, if someone acquires your house, will you sit and do satyagraha???!!!" Call it an influence of Netaji and Swami Vivekananda very early in my life, I believed in ACTION!!!

The same concept of Gandhitwa was presented in the movie and can you believe it, I completely agreed with the way of approach Munna solves problems of each caller. The one which stands out is the scene where a guy spits near caller's door and Munna tells the caller to smile at him, forgive him and clean it by himself. The end result was that the guy realises his mistake and apologises. Nobody was offended, no blood, no violence, not even a heart break. But the mission was accomplished. If somebody were to tell me this, may be I would have laughed at it, but not now. On second thoughts, now I feel, if the caller were to scold him, he would have spit more with vengeance making the wall an abstract painting :o)

Now I understand why do we go out to have food at the resturant when mom can cook so well, is it the way they present the food? The food looks so yummy and appealing, before you even taste it, your eyes would have feasted on them. Now I understand the need of a salesman, call it Marketing with added respect ;o) even for a sound product. Unless presented well, any concept however strong it might be, can fail.
Waiting for Munna Bhai goes to America now, for the humour, for the performances, for the songs and then for a MESSAGE :o)

Life is calling where are you???!!!

Those were the days when I was fresh out of college, those were the days when the recession was nearing to an end, those were the days when people desperately wanted to get into ANY job available, I was one among them....

Having seen my seniors struggling to get into a job, my confidence level had hit the bottom. Besides there was a realization that the knowledge which we have got (???) during the graduation is not going to help much in the world of reality. So I accepted the very first offer came my way, that of a startup, for a very low salary.

Company is real good, started by 3 good people. The problem was with the one or two people who were not very comfortable working with women. Terrible was the feeling when people don't look at you when you are discussing something technically, pathetic it was when they start in their native language in the middle of a meeting and I sit there blinking. No complaints. Sometimes the brought-up decides a lot about a person's behaviour. But must say that company gave me very good projects to work on, to make me an experienced, mature professional from a fresher. All that happened was for good.
That was a low time... The salary was too small to sustain oneself in a city like Bangalore, there was kind of loneliness at work place which was reminding me of the discrimination, there were people who were so happy to prick intensionally to the "topper" who was earning lesser to them. No wonder, I was feeling so down and sad....

On one such day, when I was sitting in the bus, lost in my own thoughts, looking out of the window, in a semi-sad, semi-irritated mood, I hear the creeeech of brakes. I give a damn to it and continue to be in my own world. When the bus didn't start for a long time, I turn to see whats taking the driver so long... Two young pretty ladies, who are getting into the bus. All the irritation and the sadness in me immediately take a backseat when I realize both were BLIND.

They were trying to touch everything in their reach to get into the bus, rather trying to get into the bus. But, there was not even a tinge of irritation, not even a bit of helplessness. They were taking their own time to get into the bus, to see if the front seats were empty, to see whether the other one is also seated. Then they both start talking something very interesting and get lost in their own world of laughter, teasings and momentary silence when the bus stops, to listen to the conductor.

Here I am sitting,cribbing, ignoring all the beatiful and useful things God has bestowed upon me and there they are, ignoring all the inabilities and enjoying life to the fullest. Suddenly the world started looking colourful, suddenly the world appeared to be full of hope, optimism and courage. I had tears in my eyes for them, but it was the self-worth which was prominent in their otherwise-lightless eyes. Their stop comes and they try to get out of the bus, helping each other, giggling all the way, but I couldn't take them out of my mind....

Even now when I feel disappointed about something which didn't turn up as expected, crib about something without which I could still do very well, these two blind people silently creep into my mind, try to touch each and every corner of it, giggle and laugh all the way to show, world is a much better place, if we choose to see it. All those moments I mutter inaudibly "Thank God, for everything..."

As a famous kannada poetry goes... ಇರುವುದೆಲ್ಲವ ಬಿಟ್ಟು ಇಲ್ಲದುದರೆಡೆಗೆ ತುಡಿವುದೀ ಮನ... which says ignoring everything we have, our mind craves for those which we don't. The day when we realise the worth of what we have, that day we are the happiest....


Brew @Ha Ha

Accidentally discovered a different coffee shop in Koramangala today. Brew @ Ha ha. Thought of getting into the place just to get a few moments away from scorching sun. The view inside this coffee shop really provided me such cooling affect, of course there is an AC, but there are lot more things than an ordinary coffee shop. At once side this coffee shop has bright lights, drawings of humans on walls and coffee tables. At the other side, there is a carpet area where lotsa colourful jumbo pillows are stacked on GROUND!!! For bean bag fans, there are few tables with bean bags.

Removing the footware, I just fell on those mammoth pillows and enjoyed the cool air. Awesome experience I must say!!! Then comes a guy with nice smile and very good mannerisms. The menu is quite strange, this has Calvin's coffee (with peanut butter which is Calvin's favourite), Beatles coffee with a tinge of pepper and very many things like that. Price is okay too. We lay there enjoying the ambience of the place and I see a rack with lotsa games, yes the menu also says any game at price 20 per hour.

Wow!!! We pick up some penguin catching fishes game and there comes our ordered food stuff. A major quiche fan, I ordered mushroom and spinach quiche and my friend ordered samosas with Calvin's and Beatles coffee. Food is good and I don't say the coffees were outa this world. Coffee was milder to me as now I have upgraded myself from Coffee Day to Barista, for strong coffee :o) ok common, what else you expect from a girl from Coffee Land - Chikmagalur???

We start off with the game and there is this guy, Imran, a courteous and pleasant steward, who sat with us and helped us understand the game. The game started with slow pace but then took up all our interest and we start fighting. We even call Imran to judge our "This is not the right move / this absolutely is the right move" argument :o) Felt as if all those barriers betwee youth and childhood disappeared in a jiffy and there I am a smal girl fighting over a silly game.
Time to wind up!!! The steward comes and asks us politely whether we liked the place, food and the game & whether we wish to come again :o) Oh Sure, this time with a big bunch of friends, to relax, to fight over those silly games & to make up for all the lost time !!!Oops!!! Forgot, this place is just next to Jyothi Nivas College, Koramangala.

How come people can be so very immature???

Hmmm, wanted to write something good today, but then got disturbed by seeing something... Happened to browse through a Community in Orkut where I am a member. Yes its the "Mungaru Male" community. There I saw a discussion in which a guy very happily says...

I strongly feel that Girls are not brave enuf to unfold their love in front of their parents. Hence its always said "Love is just a chapter in girls life but HISTORY in guys life "

Boss, take a chill pill!!! How many girls have you seen to judge this way??? Are you God or something to get into people's mind and check the bravery quotient???

With the kind of studies, work and responsibilities girls are taking these days I am hardly able to see any difference in the mentality of a guy and girl. There is hardly any difference in feelings, emotions or sufferings in both the catagory, after all both are humans!!! Some people show it, some does not.

I have seen girls going to the end of this world to get the guy they like. Going through all sorts of pains for years to convince their parents. I have even seen guys for whom this is just a timepass activity. But then, there are girls for whom its just fun and there are guys for whom this is the matter of life and death. But can I genaralize it? Akshu, you should be nuts if you gonna do that!!!

What did you say?? he might be uneducated??? Man... He is into Human Resources!!! God save girls who are going to apply to the company where he is the HR!!! Having sucha good education I still don't understand how people can be biased, opinionated and immature!!! If he had any painful experience, my sympathy. But is this an excuse to comment on somebody???

Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Chuck it off... Wanted to write about the books I got today and about the books which are man's best friends. Bought "Blink", The power of thinking without thinking, "What do I do, when I want to do everything"... More about them tomorrow :o)

Here I am...

Finally here I am proving my online existance... Though I had created this blog way back in 2006 never got an opportunity to pump life into it. Here comes that moment ;o)

Considering that this is my first post, let me keep it very simple, and light on heart, yours and mine too.... Then how about a review for the movie which remained to be my favourite for past few months, which set a new standard for kannda movies, utilized in-house scenic beauty, introduced soul-warming melodious & meaningful songs.... Oh the list goes on....

Let me start with the first highlight of the movie, the SONGS. After a long time, here comes a movie with amazingly melodious songs with excellent lyrics. If 'anisuthide' potrays strong love of hero, 'araluthiru' does justice to a woman's thinking. If 'mungaru maleye' makes you feel the initial rains, 'kunidu kunidu baare' touches you with its lighter note. Can't help but to hum...

ಅರಳುತಿರು ಜೀವದ ಗೆಳೆಯ, ಸ್ನೇಹದ ಸಿಂಚನದಲ್ಲಿ, ಬಾಡದಿರು ಸ್ನೇಹದ ಹೂವೇ, ಪ್ರೇಮದ ಬಂಧನದಲ್ಲಿ...

The next highlight is the way Coorg and Jog falls are picturized. WOW!!!! I was spell bound, I felt as if I am standing in the rain. Amazing Job!!!

Then comes our Hero, Ganesh or commonly called Comedy Time Ganesha!!! My first thought about the movie was "ಛೇ ಅವ್ನ ಪಿಚ್ಚರ್ ಗೆ ಯಾರು ಹೋಗ್ತಾರೆ!!!" One tight SSSSLLLLLAAAAAAAAAPPPPP!!! Superb acting, or the character itself was too good, never mind, did complete justice to his character and stands tall as an actor... This guy will go a long way... Waiting for his next movie to get released :o)

Ananth Nag, Sanjana Gandhi, both moms are worth a mention. It was a superb effort by the entire team. I am so happy for the movie, its still running housefull, nearing to 100 Days!!! The best part is to see my northie friends to have it as their caller tunes/ ring tones, a few asked me for the translation too... Feels Great!!!